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AF325: The Truth About Celebrities with Actress Aida King, Part-1

Aida King

The Truth About Celebrities with Actress Aida King, Part-1

Today’s guest Aida King was born in Toronto Ontario, Canada, and is of Filipino ancestry. As a teen, going to Parkdale Collegiate High School, she loved all things, arts, fashion and had a preoccupation with music. She became an accomplished violinist, and talented vocalist.

She first realized she could act when she entered Ryerson University, settling on Commerce with Business Marketing as her Major. The sultry socialite, actress & model, known for her piercing eyes, was discovered while in Hollywood. Watch for her as her career unfolds.

Book Chapter:

The Truth About Celebrities Lives

Core Message:

The truth is that celebrities need to keep a vigorous schedule. Aida needs to attend meetings almost every night of the week with the people investing in her career, she is told what she can and can’t say at functions, she has to meet a certain dress & style codes just to take out the trash and is prescribed a strict plan of food and exercise.

Essentially Aida’s message is that while there is an incredible upside to the celebrity lifestyle and she personally loves it.

She wants people to understand that if they want to pursue that lifestyle they must be willing to keep an extremely demanding schedule, be willing to sacrifice quite a bit of personal freedom and be comfortable that they themselves are an investment product in a sense.

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