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AF150: The Secrets of Joint Venturing with Corey Poirier, Part-1


The Secrets of Joint Venturing with Corey Poirier – Part 1

Today’s guest Corey helps entrepreneurs and teams improve their customer service, their sales and catapult their success.

He’s a four times published author and the host of a new radio show entitled “Conversations with Passions,” a variety show that features interviews with worldwide leaders such as David Suzuki and Jack Canfield.

Book Chapter:

Internet Masterminding

Core Message:

The whole chapter is around master minding with big influencers. If you put in the work to contact enough big influencers you will find those of them that are willing to mentor you, mastermind with you and help you become an influencer yourself.

Magic Power’s:

Corey took the time to find his passion.

What he has also done is really work out what passion is for him and how he can tap into it when he need too. Then because of doing that he has been able to engage his passion in everything that he does. So when interviewing, Corey is passionate; when consulting, Corey is passionate. When doing everything Corey plugs into passion and ignites it.

This is something worth spending your time to work on!

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