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AF103: The Power of Your First Book with Linda Leon

Linda Leon

Authoring Your First Book & Learning To Power Network with Linda Leon

My guest today Linda Leon is the owner of www.bookmarketingprofessionals.com which is a book publication, marketing, author support and visual productions company.

Linda has worked in management and as a producer in broadcast and television. Working in both broadcast and the TV industry she gained a large cross spectrum of media skills from writing to producing television and radio programs. Linda’s television and radio work over the years has gone international and has reached over 80 million households.

Linda also hosted a podcast for authors, that ran for 4 years straight with 20,000 daily listeners. It’s called “Book That Author” which covered marketing and power tactics for authors.

Linda is a many times published author with her most recent books being Publishing and Publicity for Smart People and Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author. Linda’s greatest joy in life is serving God and being a wonderful wife and awesome mother.

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • The benefits of publishing a physical book.
  • Method’s of getting your book completed.
  • What power network is and how to do it.
  • The value of organisation in your work day.

Book Chapter:

Stop Dreaming & Work The Dream.

Core Message:

Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dream. Get your dream into motion and start taking action right now.

Magic Power’s:


You need to get everything organised. Including your daily working plan, your marketing plan, your contact plan. You need to organise your financials, spend time developing your skills. You need to stay on top of everything.

Power Networking

This is not the same as normal networking. This is all about creating long term relationships with the right kinds of people. You need to be building relationships with the types of people that can help you drive your business forward. This includes your lawyer, your accountant and your financial advisor.

It’s your joint venture partners, your strategic parters and your affiliates. It’s also mentors, coaches, consultants and anyone you need on your journey to reach your intended destination.

Listener Mastery:

Power Networking

Get beyond self. Start looking for ways that you can add value to your fellow peers. Where can you add value, how can you build that relationship. You need to focus on giving first, learning who your peer is and making equal contributions to each others businesses, lifestyle and the relationship. It’s not a me thing, it’s an us thing.

Authoring Your First Book

It’s important for everybody to write a book. Getting your expertise out there in written form will become a legacy. Will change people’s life’s, bless people’s life’s, change the direction of people’s life’s. There is so much power in writing a book.

That’s just the first thing. It also turns you into an immediate expert. Becomes the content for your keynote speeches. Becomes content for your podcast’s, your blog posts and so many purposes that your book can be used for. When you put your book in your potential clients hands, and your competitor doesn’t even if your prospect doesn’t read the book. Who do you think will win the business?

There are two ways to produce a book. Do it yourself or have it ghost written. Ghost writing is having someone else write if for you put you. Then you need to choose whether to self publish or go to a publishing house.

90 Days To Freedom:

  1. Give yourself some time to build a portfolio of your work.
  2. Collect some testimonials for people to read on your site.
  3. Do some free work to collect a portfolio of work to show.
  4. Scatter your name online as many ways as you can scatter it.
  5. Join online directories, write articles, syndicate with tools.
  6. Start a podcast to meet authorities in your niche & wider market.

Then if you keep doing those things people will start finding you and will request services from you. It’s just the way it works when you keep putting yourself out there.

Final Pearl of Wisdom:

Believe in yourself and your vision. Never give up on it. If you want to have big success, you need to be willing to persist with what your doing. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Get on that winning side.

Be at it every day, build relationships, get organised, get in motion, and do the steps above. Before you know it you’ll be out there and people will find you.

Interview Links:

Linda’s Website: Book Marketing Profession

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