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AF258: The Positive Side Of Self-Centeredness with Laurat Ogunjobi, Part-2


The Positive Side Of Self-Centeredness with Laurat Ogunjobi, Part-2

Core Message:

When we think of self-centeredness we always see it as a negative word but in fact it doesn’t have to be and has a very positive side. So, to be able to help a lot of people you need to have everything functioning in your life at the highest levels.

To get everything in your life really working well it’s important that you take time to learn who you really are, to do the work needed to become an expert in your chosen field, to find that field that you will love and to take time to recharge.

To do all that you will probably need to knock people back a lot on offers to do social things, to do things that other people think are important for you and essentially need to be selfish with your time.. But, that will lead to you becoming the one with the most time for them, to be the most energised, and more than likely have a lot of financial resources to help people.

In This Episode:

  1. How to tap the positive side of self-centeredness.
  2. How modern branding & communications look.
  3. The simple rule of good looks being good business.
  4. Jet setting in Europe while building a company.
  5. The lifestyle in Spain and why it’s awesome.
  6. The benefits of Siesta in your life for business.
  7. The location independent community.
  8. The startup community in Europe.
  9. Opportunities that are available to you globally.
  10. Charitable consulting that Laurat is doing.

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