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AF155: The Lost Art Of Intuition with Angela Artemis, Part-1


The Lost Art Of Intuition and How Its Your Key To Success with Angela Artemis – Part 1

Today’s guest Angela Artemis creator of the site Powered by Intuition spent the first half of her adult life terrified to make decisions, lacking self confidence and totally ignoring her inner guidance.

At 35 years of age Angela started to really listen to her intuition. She walked away from a high paying executive position in finance. Went to college to become a writer.

Now she has a successful writing career, has written a number of best selling books, has coaching and mentoring program and loved her life. This would have never happened for her if she didn’t start listening to her intuition.

Book Chapter:

Follow Your Intuition To A Career & Business You Love.

Core Message:

You can’t separate your intuition from you business. It needs to be an integral part of your business for it to become a true success.

Don’t always listen to what everyone outside of you is saying. Sometimes you need to follow you own internal guidance system. In most cases doing this will lead to the best result for you right now.

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