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AF111: The Future is Social, Mobile and Local with Dick Raman


The Future is Social, Mobile and Local with Dick Raman

Today’s guest Dick Raman is an author of several excellent books, a social media guru, and an incredibly successful entrepreneur.

He founded his first company back in 1987 called TIE Holding NV, the Netherland’s first internet company. Dick took the company to success and it went public on the EuroNext Stock Exchange in 2000.

His latest project is Brand React, a social media marketing organisation offering various services to assist entrepreneurs through the challenging task of running a business online; so get yourself prepared for the wisdom of a remarkable business man!

Book Chapter:

The Future is Social, Mobile and Local

Core Message:

Businesses need to be using these platforms to their fullest extent to get the best reach in today’s world.

Magic Power’s:


Listener Mastery:

Actively listen to your clients both one on one and using listening tools to listen online.

90 Days To Freedom:

  1. Come up with an idea for a mobile app.
  2. Research the audience for competition.
  3. Find someone in India or China to build it.
  4. Put it on the app store and start marketing it.
  5. If the first one doesn’t work, try another one.
  6. Keep going until you find the winner.

Final Pearl of Wisdom:

The Future is Social, Mobile and Local. These are the areas that businesses need to be focused on.

Interview Links:

Dicks Website: DickRaman.Com

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