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AF256: The Dark Side of Social Media with Lauren Renz


The Dark Side of Social Media with Lauren Renz

Today’s guest Lauren Renz has done a lot of research into how  young women today are constantly posting a load of edited and filtered photos. In fact, they are doing it by the millions each day.

She’ll be telling us all about the “why” of self-centered, totally artificial, completely staged, “candids” pictures and how it can be leveraged..

Lauren also teaches people how to rapidly propel yourself forward in a crowded world. In this show we will be covering progressive ideas, media strategies, and getting books published.

Book Chapter:

Delete Your Candy Crush App, Refrain From Challenging Your Grandma to Another Game and Stop Tweeting Until Your Thumbs Bleed. And get out there put a business plan together, build your personal brand and stop waiting time.

Core Message:

That many people are way to absorbed in social media. While it is in one of the best things to happen to us as a society. It can also be a massive negative on peoples lives. It is sucking your productivity, reducing your inter personal social skills and holding you back from achieving the things that are truly important to you.

In This Episode:

  1. The dangers of social media.
  2. Managing your social time.
  3. Bull shitting your way forward.
  4. Getting a book done.
  5. Marketing your book.
  6. The power of committed decision.
  7. Deep diving instead of dipping toes.
  8. Time management strategies.
  9. Five steps to make money in 90 days.
  10. The importance of adverting in business.

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Josh Denning, founder of Authority Factory, helps high-achieving business owners generate more traffic, create more authority and capture and close more clients for their business. To learn a scalable and predictable approach to growing revenue, visit: http://www.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=r8vh2pasjo

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