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AF296: Six Figure Travel Blogger To SaaS Entrepreneur with David Schneider, Part-1

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Six Figure Travel Blogger To SaaS Entrepreneur with David Schneider, Part -1

David Schneider was previously the Founder of NinjaOutreach, an Outbound Influencer Marketing Tool. David had helped startups and small businesses better market their services through content marketing and influencer outreach.

Before founding Ninja Outreach, David ran a travel blog that was doing six figures. You might say he has a fair bit of valuable experience.

While Dave no longer runs NinjaOutreach and www.selfmadebusinessman.com, he can be found at lesschurn.io and daveschneider.me.

Grab a drink and press play to hear for yourself.

In This Episode:

  1. How David did started his own travel blog.
  2. Biggest lessons David’s learned while establishing ACoupleTravelers.
  3. How and why did David decide to get Virtual assistants?
  4. More about Ninja outreach and SaaS businesses.
  5. David recommendations in building outreach platform.
  6. What it is like building a SaaS business?
  7. What it takes to build a platform?
  8. David’s main client acquisition strategy.
  9. What Ninja outreach does and what are the benefits it provides to people?
  10. David great advice for entrepreneurs.
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