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AF289: Six Figure Blogging and the Future of SEO with Matthew Woodward, Part-2


Six Figure Blogging and the Future of SEO with Matthew Woodward, Part-2

Today’s guest Matthew Woodward is the founder of the multiple award winning marketing and SEO blog, creatively named: MatthewWoodward.co.uk.

Many consider Matthew a bit of an SEO prodigy. He got started online at just 13 years old, and not to long after that was the head of online marketing for a major distributor in Europe. He’s ran campaigns for multiple enormous brands like Tesco, Orange, Samsung and loads more.

These days though is passionate about providing accurate information about online marketing and growing his own SEO agency.

In This Episode:

  1. You’ll learn how a six figure blog get’s built.
  2. Learn how to get almost any site ranked.
  3. Learn where Google is heading with SEO.
  4. Get a much deeper understanding of SEO.
  5. Learn what content to launch a new blog with.
  6. Learn an advanced SEO marketing framework.
  7. How to make money from a blog quickly.
  8. Learn how private blog networks work.
  9. Learn how to setup a user friendly blog.
  10. A stack more useful tips to succeed online.

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