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AF306: Show Up, Be Presentable and Succeed with Jodi LaBossiere


Show Up, Be Presentable and Succeed with Jodi LaBossiere

Today’s guest Dr. Jodi LaBossiere is definitely not your typical girl next door, at the age of fourteen, she became the youngest Avon lady on the block, knocking on the doors of her mother’s friends and showing them how to look and feel beautiful. This part-time job started her off in the health and beauty industry and over the last three decades she has honed her skills and worked with some of the world’s top cosmetic chemists, makeup artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

Jodi also has a successful modeling career for more than 30 years (appearing on countless magazine covers). TV and radio as a beauty expert she has been featured on numerous TV shows (Fox News, CKY TV, CKND TV) to give tips and tricks that will help anyone become the most beautiful woman they know. Finally as a beauty queen, Jodi is a decorated pageant girl with hundreds of wins (local, regional, national, and international) under her belt.

Book Chapter:

Show Up and Be Presentable.

Core Message:

You have 3 seconds to walk into a room and make your impression. You need to use that time to your advantage and ensure that you’re dressing to meet the right situation with the correct clothing, hair style, and overall image.

You need to project confidence, trust and good character.

In This Episode:

  1. How to create powerful rapport with body language.
  2. Using mirroring and matching in communication.
  3. Mastering your tonality to influence and persuade.
  4. The three inflections of tone and how to use them.
  5. Speaking with confidence and power in all settings.
  6. Making sure you always know what your talking about.
  7. Taking every opportunity you can to speak in public.
  8. Showing up and presenting your very best self.
  9. What you can learn about business from pageants.

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