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AF359: SEO Authority Secrets with Kris Reid

Kris Reid

SEO Authority Secrets with Kris Reid and Josh Denning

Today’s guest Kris Reid is the founder of Ardor Media Factory. Kris is a Software Engineer, originally from Brisbane where he graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (A university for the real world). Kris was backpacking around the world a few years ago and because of my his love for software development, he built an online game.

As the completion day came near for his game, Kris thought that he should learn how to market if anyone else was ever going to play the game. So, he started studying how Google works and learned about Search Engine Optimisation. Kris quickly discovered how important backlinks are – not just any backlinks, but only quality backlinks with relevant and compelling content on powerful industry-specific websites.

So Kris decided to set out and build the perfect service business to provide just that – high-quality backlinks with compelling content on industry-specific websites. Fast forward a few years later, Kris now has a permanent office based in Davao City, Philippines, another office in the Cambodia and travels the world helping people with SEO.

Book Chapter:

Try Things And Fail Fast.

Core Message:

The majority of things that Kris trials to grow his business don’t work. The analogy that Kris follows is to fire bullets then fire canon balls. Then you don’t lose much money on the things that don’t work; but when you find the things that do you scale them up into massive wins that offset the little losses by a huge number.

In This Episode:

  1. Learning to trial things fast and move on
  2. Cold email marketing and direct mail
  3. Hiring people and how to do it well
  4. Secrets Kris has discovered to grow fast
  5. The SEO strategies Kris uses to get to page-1

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Josh Denning, founder of Authority Factory, helps high-achieving business owners generate more traffic, create more authority and capture and close more clients for their business. To learn a scalable and predictable approach to growing revenue, visit: http://www.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=r8vh2pasjo

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