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AF013: Running A Consulting Business While Traveling with Jake Jorgovan, Part-2


Running A Consulting Business While Traveling with Jake Jorgovan, Part-2

5 to 10 Step Lesson:

Most important element to location independent success?

Strategy: Cold email prospecting sequence to generate consulting clients.

  1. Find a big groups of clients that are similar to ones that you’ve had great luck with in the past.
  2. Then create a big list of them with the business owners name, email and some details.
  3. Prepare a three to four step email sequence.
  4. I have reviewed your site; I would like to do some business with you, I’ve done some analysis and this is what I’ve found.
  5. Add a testimonial to the email that shows the similar businesses that you’ve worked with.
  6. Use the Streak and S-Ware Gmail plugin’s to schedule emails and track what emails people are opening etc.
  7. Wait a week send a second email saying haven’t heard from you yet, what else do you need.
  8. If you get any response keep emailing until you get them on to the phone.
  9. If people haven’t responded after 3 to 4 emails cut them lose.

The main key is to ensure that you get them on the phone before sending any kind of proposal or pricing!
Independence in 90 Days:

  1. Learn a skill that can be sold (this can be done on Lynda.com – with a high degree of competence – Get 7 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com. – Gift from The Authority Marketing Podcast)
  2. Once your competent enough start sending out cold emails based on steps above
  3. Once you get your first client you’ve proven you can keep doing it (believe in yourself)
  4. As soon as you have that client book a ticket and move to a low cost Tropical location
  5. As soon as you land work your tail off don’t start enjoying freedom just yet
  6. Get your next five clients!
  7. Once you have five clients, then setup your blog and consulting site!
  8. Keep working hard, get to 10 clients!
  9. Once you have 10 clients, go enjoy a couple weeks in your new country
  10. While your off enjoying time make sure your clients know your unavailable for awhile and their work is being done.

Note from Josh: Beyond step 10 to really get location independent it’s time to start outsourcing. Go check out: John Jonas’s interview on how to outsource to get some ideas. See John’s interview here.

Recommended Resources:

Amazing Business Insight:

  • “Once you get laser focused on what your trying to achieve, then success starts to come very quickly”. – Jake Jorgovan

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26 August 2016 Reply

thanks for the free resources. the focus sheet is awesome!!
is there a way we can access the template email Jake mentions at 14:48?

29 August 2016 Reply

Hi Lavinia,

Thanks for listening.

I will reach out to Jake and asking for you..

Best, Josh

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