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AF012: Running A Consulting Business While Traveling with Jake Jorgovan, Part-1


Running A Consulting Business While Traveling with Jake Jorgovan, Part-1

How does a starting entrepreneur crush their limiting beliefs, break down the barriers holding them back and build a location independent business that sets them free? Free to travel the world, work from tropical islands and do a lot of it without all the usual difficulty of list building, driving traffic, setting up squeeze pages, etc….

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Jake Jorgovan Author of the Focused Creator shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about Location Independence, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Remotely from all over the world.

He’s a skilled in lead generation, digital marketing, book authoring and consulting. Your in for a wild ride as Jake Jorgovan is about to share all his experience with you now.


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New Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • How to Work Remotely and Travel The World

Message Of The Chapter:

  • Learn a new skills set that you can deliver from anywhere, sell the skill not as employed job but as something you do from a freelance perspective. Once you make the decision to make that jump, if you focus you can have your first few clients within a few weeks and be on a plane to go location independent in your first couple of months.

Impact From Both Books:

  • The Four Work Week for Jake flipped a light switch on in his head and he very quickly was living a new life.
  • The biggest lesson for Jake was that you really don’t need to live a traditional life, that you can do something very different to the norm and work while your traveling the world.

Recommended Books:

  • Die Empty Unleash Your Best Work Today by Todd Henry

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • One of the biggest things that Jake struggles with was working out the whole strategy and the positioning for him and his business. As he say’s even more to the point marketing which as Jake say’s he is still really trying to work out now.
  • The biggest realisation that Jake’s recently has was moving all his sites under the one roof. Previously he had a portfolio site in one place, a consulting site in another, and his marketing tips blog on another site. After reading Michael Hyatt’s site he realised that all he really needed to do was build up one main site. So he put all the sites under one roof and now it’s all growing much faster because everything is pushing in the same direction.

Previous Ventures:

  • Video Production Company – Boot strapped it up with a friend from high school. They were doing events for artists all over Nashville. He would have kept going with video only that he wanted to travel and you can’t travel very well with a video business.
  • Most powerful lesson Jake learned from previous businesses: How you go about choosing clients; ask yourself 3 questions
  1. Will this be a great portfolio piece?
  2. Will they lead to a lot more work i.e. referrals?;
  3. Will it pay you really big money?

If it doesn’t fit one of those 3 areas; don’t take on the client. If you can get one that’s okay; two that’s great and three that’s fantastic!

Current Business:

  • Jake-Jorgvan.com – Location independent author, consultant and internet marketer. Jake managed to get free by sending out cold emails to businesses and offering online marketing consulting services
  • Within his first few weeks Jake was able to gather over $7000 worth of consulting clients; which is truly amazing!
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