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AF079: Reinventing yourself with Rustie MacDonald, Part-1


Reinventing yourself with Rustie MacDonald, Part-1

Todays guest Rustie MacDonald is the founder of Living & Thriving with Rustie.

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • What it means to continuously reinvent your brand and business.
  • The authentic self exercise and how to get in-touch with the real you.
  • The power of the high level 200 foot view of your life and business.

Book Chapter:


Core Message:

Rusite believes that entrepreneurship is all about being able to constantly recreate yourself to be hitting the target market as it shifts. Online marketing and digital marketing is so fast moving, and to keep up we need to become very good at agile change.

Another aspect of her message is that we need to be reinventing our products and their core messages so that we can remain the biggest and brightest all the time.

Magic Power’s:

Being Like A Spider!

Rustie say’s that her biggest gift is being able to zoom out and look at all the possible connections she can create for her realm of influence. Seeing the business at 2000 feet like a spider web, understanding the interconnectedness of everything, then leveraging it for maximum effectiveness.

She also see’s that spider web elements of it as her audience and all their various needs being like a stand of the web, then working out how all the other strands in her web can help each individual get what they need.

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