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AF313: Protecting Wealth with Investment Grade Art with Zig Gruz

zig cruz

Protecting Wealth with Investment Grade Art with Zig Gruz

Today’s guest Zig Gruz is the founder of Liberator Art Brand (LAB) corporation, an American art manufacturing and distribution company with grand international plans. They want to change the world for the better by offering products and services that can bring financial safety and liberty to millions of regular Americans and others around the world. Their product and benefits offer unlimited possibilities with losses limited to 20% max.

LAB aims to make our artwork the safest investment available. In order to accommodate their 10 Year Return Guarantee and make sure that it is not just an empty promise, they keep 80% of the funds received in reserves, spread between safe institutions throughout the world’s main financial centers, for the entire return guarantee period.

  • Authority Marketing Podcast is not an affiliate of this business and this episode should not be considered a recommendation in any way. If you wish to investigate it please consult with qualified financial experts.. While we find it interesting we know very little about the business or the founders. 

Core Message:

There is a safe way to protect wealth using art.

In This Episode:

  1. Liberator art and it’s benefits.
  2. Protecting wealth with art.
  3. Why there is a 20% return fee.
  4. Why art can protect your wealth.
  5. How liberator works to protect wealth.
  6. How Liberator keeps the money
  7. The guarantee that Liberator provides.
  8. Why it can be better than offshore banks
  9. Why there is no hiding with this art.
  10. Why it’s good for people in the USA.

If you are interested in Liberator Art, Authority Marketing Podcast recommends consulting financial experts and an attorney.

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