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AF334: Passive Income Through Real Estate Investment with Kemi Egan, Part-1


Passive Income Through Real Estate Investment with Kemi Egan, Part-1

Today’s guest Kemi is Co founder of Freedom Academies, Author of ‘Turbo charge your property success’, owner of a multi million pound property portfolio and public speaker. It wasn’t always that way however!
Kemi was raised in a single parent mixed race family despite being told at 14 she would be a cleaner or a criminal she knew she would be the catalyst for change.

At 22 years old Kemi lost one of her best friends. That day changed everything. She was determined to create wealth and build a legacy. Along with Laura they set up their first business. They had passion, enthusiasm and talent but no clue. It soon showed! Within a couple of years they were living in one room each of their office and in thousands and thousands of pounds of debt.

As a result she set about reading every self and wealth development book she could get her hands on, went to every course, conference and seminar there was (at home and abroad) to exponentially increase her business knowledge.

Within a year she had a seven figure property portfolio bringing in twice as much as the business and bought using none of their own cash! She had transformed her business and her live and is committed to transforming the lives of others and making sure everyone that wants to commit to changing their life and make a difference in the world has someone to show them the way.

Book Chapter:

Build Your Network Before You Need It.

Core Message:

People often say “your net worth is your network” . It is a very true statement. It is Kemi’s advice that you focus on building your network long before you need it.

If you take eighteen months to build an extensive network in a fields like property, internet marketing, entrepreneurship or investing while your studying any one of those crafts, by the time you’re ready to execute what you’ve learned you’ll have all the mentors, JV partners and advisors you’ll ever need.

There will be very little you can’t achieve if you focus on building your network.

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