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AF163: Passive Income Through Kindle Books with Joanna Penn, Part-1


Passive Income Through Publishing Kindle Books with Joanna Penn – Part 1

In today’s episode we’re lucky to have one of the top grossing digital authors, Joanna Penn.

Joanna’s novels have now sold over 100,000 copies, becoming bestsellers in the Thriller, Crime, Horror and Action Adventure categories on Amazon.

In March 2014, her novella, ‘One Day in Budapest,’ was part of the Deadly Dozen box-set which hit the New York Times bestseller list and the USA Today bestseller list. An author’s dream come true!

Joanna also publishes in the non-fiction market with books on information marketing, public speaking, how to market books and how to sell more books. Joanna does this full time and is making serious money from publishing.

If you’ve thought about making a full time serious living as a writer, this is definitely the interview for you.

Book Chapter:

Stop Self Censoring

Core Message:

We so often put ourselves out there with a filter because we think that the world thinks we need to be this certain way.

As example people listen to other experts that they think sound great. Then they try to sound like those experts when they teach, which maybe okay but not near what it could become because their not delivering all they can from their own unique gifts.

Or they deliver messages they have from things that happened in their lives with large chunks of stuff censored out because they fear what the world will think about them. This is okay for awhile and somethings should be censored; however to really become the truest most powerful you, the more of open you can be; on purpose the more people will gravitate to you.

People are far more interested in the deeper truths; then they are about the surface level stuff. The key is to not worry about being judged as those that walk away are not your best market anyway. This is how you will attract the most authentic long term tribe members that will support you over time.

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