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AF343: MVP to Startup Success with Vassili Van Der Mersch


MVP to Startup Success with Vassili Van Der Mersch & Josh Denning

Today’s guest Vassili Van Der Mersch after working at Accenture for 10 years as a technology consultant, he has founded and launched his first startup: Seven Days.

Seven Days is a freelancer marketplace aiming to reduce friction between clients and freelancers and promoting meritocracy. Vassilli was a freelance programmer himself helping early stage startups.

His experience as a freelancer caused him to become fascinated by marketplaces and the sharing economy. This lead him to re-engineer the entire market place process and develop a more efficient, effective and equitable market place for both the freelancer and the buyer looking for services.

Vassilli has a wealth of expertise on what it takes to create a successful startup from the initial planning, to the MVP, to building your team to marketing to growth.

Book Chapter:

Develop Your MVP By Yourself.

Core Message:

The minimum viable product is a concept popularised be people like Eric Ries, the author of The Lean Start Up. The minimum viable product (MVP) simply means the most bare bones version of your product that is usable or at the very least understandable.

Vassilli Van Der Mersch a developer and entrepreneur with well over a decade of senior level custom development and deployment experience advises us that the most effective pathway to success is to design and build the first MVP iteration by yourself.

Vassilli say’s “it doesn’t matter how bad it is, what matters is that you get it out the door fast”.

Even if its only wire frames, with notes saying “this does this and that does that”, arrows and diagrams all over the place, as long as it get’s you to the marketplace, it moves you forward and your project becomes real.

Then yo have everything you need to enrol the next phase of people into your startup.

In This Episode:

  1. Developing the MVP by yourself.
  2. Creating an exceptional user experience.
  3. The development, database and schema.
  4. The deployment of your app and updates.
  5. Marketing your application or product.
  6. Building a strong community for your product.

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Josh Denning, founder of Authority Factory, helps high-achieving business owners generate more traffic, create more authority and capture and close more clients for their business. To learn a scalable and predictable approach to growing revenue, visit: http://www.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=r8vh2pasjo

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