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AF285: Modern Authority SEO, What You Need To Know with Gael Breton

Gael Breton

Modern Authority SEO, What You Need To Know with Gael Breton

Today’s guest Gael Breton started in SEO in 2008 where he learned the ropes from an Australian digital agency before starting his own agency in 2011 with his friend and business partner Mark. Their first agency sold grey hat SEO to small websites. The company grew very fast so they opened an office and hired several employees. Their success lead to Gael getting invited to speak at Oxford University, Harvard Business School, Wharton and General Assembly.

In 2012 they hit 85 clients on a “cheap” grey hat SEO business model which saw them doing fantastic until Penguin Hit. Penguin could have taken them out put the choose to relearn their job and bit by bit started to understand the concept of building a sustainable websites using authority SEO.

After seeing good results for their new clients, they started their own sites with the authority model in mind. They began those as mere experiments designed as a learning experience. They quickly grow and started making good money. After successive Google algorithm updates, they keep coming out on top and realised the long term value in the authority model.

The sites they started in 2013 are now profitable with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Once they realised how successful the fundamentals they had learned from 2013 in terms of building engaging sites with Authority SEO they decided to share their learnings the world. This is a great interview and will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for the future of organic traffic generation.

Book Chapter:

Build Brands and Have Fun Doing It.

Core Message:

You can build giant brands while traveling around the world and having a ball. In today’s climate to create serious wealth, an income stream and an asset that you will be able to sell focus on building a brand.

A brand means a business that is based in the founders, what they stand for, what they stand against and the values they and the brand stands for; this is the type of brand that people enjoy and want to engage with today.

Then you can totally have fun while your doing it. You don’t need to be in an office anymore, you can totally build your brand while your traveling the world. One of Gael’s friends has been able to build a five hundred million dollar brand while traveling the world and staying in AirBnB’s. You can do it too.

In This Episode:

  1. What is the modern authority SEO
  2. Creating large authority sites.
  3. Strategies to promote authority sites.
  4. How to manage an authority team.
  5. How to monetise your authority site.
  6. Gaels secrets of what’s working in SEO.
  7. Authority SEO focused link building.
  8. Big profits from authority client SEO.
  9. Getting started in authority SEO.
  10. The huge pay day on the other side.

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