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AF317: Making Money Online with The WordPress Chick, Kim Doyal, Part-1

kim doyal

Making Money Online with The WordPress Chick, Kim Doyal, Part-1

Today’s guest Kim Doyal has been doing the ‘Internet’ thing for six years now, full time (sometimes she says it feels like she started yesterday, other times it’s like “only six years?”).

Kim says that she has NEVER been happier with what she’s doing. Creating and building an online business was like ‘coming home’ for her.

Kim is an expert in all areas of online marketing; sales funnels, driving traffic, content, strategy, WordPress, podcasting, she really has it all nailed and has the success to vouch for it..

Book Chapter:

Show Up

Core Message:

80% of success is just showing up to do the work, the next 10% is showing up with a plan, and the final 10% is taking action on that plan on a daily basis.

Succeeding at anything in life comes from doing it long enough to learn how to do it well.

You only need to show up, with a plan and keep taking action on it, keep tweaking it and you’ll succeed beyond what you can imagine right now.

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