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AF340: Make People Smile Is The Secret To Life Changing Success with Richard Castellano


Make People Smile Is The Secret To Life Changing Success with Richard Castellano

Today’s guest Rich Castellano, M.D. is an experienced facial rejuvenation artist, whose specialties include the latest laser and filler techniques. He has developed a specialized approach for effective results, giving him a reputation as a highly referred facial plastic surgeon.

Dedicated to delivering world-class care to his patients, he utilizes his extensive experience in office-based facial plastic surgery to ensure the best outcomes. He has performed over 5,000 laser treatments, facelifts, and mini-lifts eyelifts, making him one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the U.S. today.

Dr. Rich will give you a fresh start today! Learn more about this secret which is considered the key in building any business and will absolutely make a difference in your life and in your business.

Book Chapter:

Smile Prescription

Core Message:

Smile is the key in building any business and that will truly set you apart from your competitors. It goes along with how you provide services to your customers or clients. How do you make them smile? The more you make them smile, the tendencies are, customers will come back to buy more of your products or services, they might refer you to their friends and maybe write good reviews and testimonials for you. Obviously, smile creates a successful client relationship. Moreover, it can often defuse a difficult situation. It is really the true secret of success and everyone’s job is to make someone smile.

In This Episode:

  1. Tips and strategies in making people smile.
  2. What are the Basic Business Fundamentals that work in any business.
  3. How to get certain number of leads in marketing?
  4. What is the best use of leads and how important it is to reach them out multiple times.
  5. How to effectively communicate with your clients?

Interview Links:

Website: http://imagelift.com/

Book: SmileQ

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