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AF078: Make Money Online Quickly by Selling Services with Vic Dorfman, Part-2

Vic Dorfman

Make Money Online Quickly by Selling Services with Vic Dorfman, Part-2

Today’s guest Vic Dorfman is an expert on membership sites and making money through selling services.

Vic has recently authored a new book titled: Make Money Online NOW: A Step By Step Guide To Earning Your First Dollars Online By Offering A Service (Even If You Have No Prior Experience).

Secrets to Selling On The Warrior Forum 

  1. Do niche research to identify a market.
  2. Read heaps and study how the forum works.
  3. Be prepared to take any work in the beginning.
  4. Ask for testimonials from every single client.
  5. Increase your prices as your collect more testimonials.
  6. Manage expectations of clients under promise, over deliver.
  7. Hustle hard and before you know it, your making heaps.

Location Independent Strategy:

Vic didn’t provide a step by step strategy as such. The reason being that he believes everyone is different and thinks that we all need to find what is right for us. His words of advice are that if you work every day, keep learning, keep improving your vision, your skills and your knowledge. You will succeed online at whatever you do.

Final pearl of knowledge:

Invest time into your knowledge and education

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