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AF128: Little Known Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed by Jill Stanton, Part-1


Little Known Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed by Jill Stanton, Part-1

Today’s guest Jill Stanton is a location independent entrepreneur and the founder of the awesome blog screw the 9 to 5, where she and her partner Josh teach you how to do exactly that by building online businesses that you can run from anywhere in the world..

Jill and Josh have amazing success with teaching people to get free form normal lives and travel the world while building a business. Only Jill was on this interview and she delivered hardcore.

If you want to go location independent. This interview is killer!

Book Chapter:

Living Outside Of Your Comfort Zone.

Core Message:

The whole game called entrepreneurship is one of the most uncomfortable, emotionally testing, difficult games you can play. However it really teaches you what your made from.

To get the very best of yourself out, you need to keep testing your comfort zone and pushing yourself beyond it.

Magic Power’s:

Jills partner Josh does all the SEO and tech.

Jill’s magic power is her personality. She can’t mute it and because she is just constantly being the real her, she feels that people pick that up and it resonates through her video’s and their marketing.

Listener Mastery:

Make sure you get yourself into a community of entrepreneur’s that understand what your going through. That want to talk business strategy and will support your dreams, ideas and desires and encourage you to achieve them.

Affiliate Marketing, the best way to achieve success in affiliate marketing is to focus on one quality review site, per one quality product. Then all your content, all your design, your email list everything goes towards selling one single product. This makes it easier for the buyer to make a choice, it makes it easier for you to get the site up and faster to move on to the next site.

One of Jill’s great tips was that when you choose a niche it needs to pass the sweaty palms test. Meaning your potential market needs to wake up in the middle of the night with their palms sweating in frustration to fix their problem. Then you know its a good market.

Note from Josh: I did exactly what Jill & Josh did in 2009; with the one major point of difference. I was focusing on expert products in the information market for internet marketing guru’s whereas they focus on physical products. When it was at it’s peak I was making thousands of dollars every week with very little work.. If your interested in learning more about how I did that, feel free to email me at: [email protected] and I will gift you the manuals from my $397 product which is now off the market.

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