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AF230: Karma The Game (The Future of Digital Dating) with Rene Reyes


Karma The Game (The Future of Digital Dating) with Rene Reyes

Today’s guest Rene Reyes is the creator of a modern world of digital dating called Karma the Game. In this interview we discuss the amazing places that technology and the internet will take online dating over the years to come.

And we also delve into the giant opportunity that communities and platforms provide for the entrepreneurs behind them when they’re successful. Enjoy.

In This Episode:

  1. What is Karma the game of destiny?
  2. Game’s rules, structure, entry point and its other features.
  3. The dynamics of the game.
  4. Rene’s greatest challenges experienced in building his business around the game and getting the actual game at self-developed.
  5. The essence of process management.
  6. What is the first phase of development?
  7. How was Rene able to market the game?
  8. How to zap players off your list?
  9. Plans for integrating the game.
  10. What to do after joining on the alpha site?

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