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AF009: Internet Marketing from Anywhere In The World with Sean Ogle


Internet Marketing from Anywhere In The World with Sean Ogle

How does a starting entrepreneur create a life of freedom using the internet, build niche sites, membership sites and grow a dream location independent lifestyle?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Sean Ogle from Location180 shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about location independence, building online businesses and lifestyle business operation.

Sean Ogle is the star of Location180 and Location Rebel. He’s a skilled Internet Marketer, Offer Creator and Membership Sites expert. Your in for a treat as Sean is about to share all that experience with you now.


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Sean’s Idea for A Book Chapter:

  • Just Start Something, In Fact Anything.

Message Of The Chapter:

  • The people that often have the most success are the ones that just take an idea and run with it. They end up much further down the track then the people that keep learning and trying to become masters before they start.
  • Even if that thing doesn’t work (which you never know it could be a huge success); you will learn all the required skills to do the next thing with accurate execution.

Impact From Both Books:

  • There is a different way to do things. Wow this is awesome is this really possible. Are there really people that live the lifestyle discussed in the four hour work week.
  • He then spent the next year going about setting his life and business up to live the lifestyle discussed in the book. Which he was able to achieve over a 12 month period. Which is pretty awesome.

Message To Others From Book:

  • People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty. That is one of the truest statements in the Four Hour Work Week. It’s the most powerful thing we have as entrepreneurs; we must embrace the uncertainty.
  • When embracing the uncertainty: the best way to do it is to think what is the worst case scenario: It’s usually that you’ll need to go back to what your doing before which will rarely even happen because of the skills you develop, your more likely to go back into your old world if you have too as a leader or manager; in which case your developing again more skills and collecting more money faster to get started on your next thing.
  • Another powerful thing to consider when you do make the leap to leave work; the world is much more able to provide you with opportunities and people to make things work. Because it becomes clear that your now on that path.

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • Find a great accountability partner that has already done it that can keep you focused.
  • Tell everyone what your doing; know that they will push against you and advice against it.
  • Use their pushing against you to drive you harder, and let the fact that they all know create a must succeed attitude in your mind and physiology.
  • Have that person that’s already done it available to talk to whenever you get really down or stuck.
  • Keep pushing forward, learning, asking questions, most important doing the work, and you’ll get there!

Previous Ventures:

  • Door to Door home paining business. Sean and his buddy on the holidays went door to door and asked people if they wanted their houses painted. Which they often did.
  • Clothing business called Absinth Notion. The label was sold in upscale clothing boutiques, and menswear stores through Portland, USA.

Current Business:

  • Location Rebel, Location180, Niche Sites – Seans main business is Location Rebel this is where he teaches people how to get from A to B to grow a location independent business. He also writes his blog at Location180; and the first businesses that actually set him free was his niche site businesses.

Five Step Lesson:

Building a location independent business.

  1. Spend the time to build the necessary skills: “How to use WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Copy Writing”
  2. Start a blog as its the best way to learn all of those skills quickly “Instal WordPress, Write Posts, Use SEO & Social for Traffic”
  3. Take one of the skills you have developed and freelance it out, this allows you build up your income and confidence.

Independence in 90 Days:

  1. Run through the first three steps as above to kick off; they are critical to you getting started efficiently
  2. Buy a domain, get hosting, and start a blog. This will be your home where people find you.
  3. Write a back log of posts, and then start to write at least a post a week.
  4. Focus for three months primarily on relationship building, this is the most valuable thing you can do.
  5. Once you have a network of people doing what you want to do, the easier it is to get a business built that is generating traffic and generating money because all the people you have relationships with will help you.
  6. Once you have the relationships, start guest posting in a very specific way. Assuming you get the post, write it but instead of linking to your site; you want to link to a personalised offer on your site. The offer needs to be something that is free and will serve that sites audience. The landing page needs to be custom to the audience and so does the give away.
  7. Now you’ve got an audience, you are building up your traffic, your growing an email list and you have powerful relationships.
  8. Now it’s easier to start making money.
  9. Once all this is humming along, it’s time to create a product. You want to do about 12 guests posts before you create your product and have at least 500 subscribers.
  10. Ask your audience what they need help with most, and then tailor a product to their wants and needs. Do this with a survey.
  11. Build a mini internal launch sequence of 2 or 3 videos that answer the biggest questions you got from your audience. i.e. content based educational videos; then create another video that sells your product.
  12. Start sending emails to your list, and push them into your mini launch sequence.
  13. This strategy will set you free if you launch it and get it right. If you get it wrong just start again with your new skills..

Added idea from Josh: Once you have a decent conversion rate or better yet EPC which means earning’s per a click, then you can start inviting joint venture partners to promote and scale your sales up. If you want to be really adventurous try sending paid traffic to your launch sequence.

If you do send paid traffic to a launch sequence it’s really important that your tracking EPC very closely to make sure that your not losing money on your traffic spend…

Recommended Resources:

  • CopyHour.com – This is the best resource bar none for learning copy writing. When you sign up you’ll get a sales letter that sold millions of dollars worth of products every day; that comes with a lesson and the task to handwrite it. This will teach you copywriting better than any other method.
  • Influence by Robert Caldini – This book takes you through the core elements that are required for influence or more to the point persuasion to happen.

Amazing Business Insight:

  • Create a really robust, really thorough information product community and focus on growing it. Spending the extra time up-front to build something really valuable and useful is so much better than constantly launching new products that are good but not great.
  • This will see you grow a large audience that is all in one place and gives you additional influence.

Interview Links:

  • Location Rebel: How to get from point A to point B with growing an online lifestyle business.
  • Location180: Sean’s personal blog where he details his journey over the last five years.
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