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AF287: In-Depth SEO Super Class with Michael King, Part-2


In-Depth SEO Super Class with Michael King – Part 2

Book Chapter:

Be Original

Core Message:

A lot Michael’s major successes have been due to doing thing’s his own way. He has always looked for ways to push things forward. He has done things that made sense to him that seemed more intelligent. Looking at best practises and trying to work out how to do them even better.

This is what Michael’s most important advice is for you. Get out there and seek to do things smarter, bigger, better and in ways that make sense to you, not just how everyone else is doing it.

In This Episode:

  1. The most amazing chat I’ve ever had on SEO.
  2. Learning how to do client persona’s properly.
  3. Understanding the value behind persona’s.
  4. Using every form of target market data possible.
  5. Combing the customer journey with your SEO.
  6. Combing CRO and Marketing to make SEO powerful.
  7. The future of SEO, where is it going.
  8. What you need to know to survive as an SEO.
  9. How to grow traffic that will covert to sales.
  10. Many more very powerful insider SEO secrets.

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