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AF286: In-Depth SEO Super Class with Michael King, Part-1


In-Depth SEO Super Class with Michael King – Part 1

Today’s guest Michael King while an SEO super star, his career and contribution to digital marketing is far bigger. Michael has lead teams covering consumer insights, content, social strategy and SEO for Enterprise brands such as SAP, HSBC, SanDisk and Wharton among others to digital success.

With previous experience as a Marketing Director, Developer and tactical SEO at multi-national agencies such as Publicis Modem and Razorfish working for brands like Ralph Lauren, Johnson & Johnson, LG and Citibank Mike’s breadth and depth of experience continues to fuel game changing insights.

Michael is a sought-after speaker on the digital marketing conference circuit, a frequent blogger for Inbound Marketing software company Moz and a published author that loves to share his insights on how to do better marketing.

While I have been in SEO for the best part of the last decade with a few sabbaticals here and there, listening to Michael blew my mind. Michael takes SEO to a whole other level by mixing excellent SEO practises with sensational marketing practises like persona research, client journey’s, every type of XYZ-graphic data you can think of and knows how to stay focused on bottom line results.

This is an excellent interview and most definitely one you need to have your pens and paper ready for because it’s chock full of the type of insights that can take you not just a step in front of the competition but four, five and maybe ever ten steps ahead. Get ready to have your mind blown and your eyes opened, enjoy.

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