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AF008: How to Successfully Outsource with John Jonas, Part-2


How to Successfully Outsource with John Jonas, Part-2

How does a starting entrepreneur use outsourcing to set themselves free?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as John Jonas from Replace Myself shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about outsourcing, keeping remote staff happy and training them to get maximum results.

John Jonas is the star of Replace Myself.

He’s a skilled internet marketer, traffic generator and exceptionally good at getting work done effectively by others at an excellent return on investment. Your in for a treat as John is about to share all that experience with you now.

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • John faced quite a bit of resistance from his wives parents that has been raised her on the old (Get A Degree, Get A Good Job, Work Hard and Save). So when he was getting started they pushed back on it a lot.
  • Luckily for John Jonas it wasn’t an option to move forward and succeed with a business.
  • John’s advice is to in his words say “Screw You” which he doesn’t mean literally what he really means is decide what you want to do and work your tail off to get what you want to do done.
  • There is no immediate four hour work week, you need to put the hours in.

Flow change “Outsourcing Chat”:

  • It’s important to understand at first what’s possible with outsourcing
  • Story to help you understand, what’s possible and how John found out: “Many years ago Johns wife was pregnant and was told she had preeclampsia. If she didn’t take bed rest she would have died”.
  • John wasn’t going to lose his wife over money no way in the world. He had Filipinos working for him for some time but only doing this and that. Because John could only work an hour a week while his wife rested, he went to his outsource team, told them what had happened and said they had to step up and take control of the business for him. Up until then John thought they could only do menial stuff and he had to do all the hard things.
  • He discovered that he has been very wrong! The team really stepped up managed to run the business and he used the hour a day that he had to train them and help them get better.
  • John councils don’t expect outsource teams to come in and take over your business immediately. They had been with him one year already, had gotten to know his business and he knew them. However with the right time, training and attitude from “YOU”, yes, from “YOU” then they will be able to work up to running almost your entire business.
  • You will always be the ideas, marketing and strategic planning person.
  • Your outsource staff will do the work for you based on your plan. But expect to go through a lot of situations where things don’t work, but just because it doesn’t, you shouldn’t think it can’t work. You will need to keep tweaking, adding structure, guiding your team softly, and eventually you will get there.
  • John taught his main outsource guy to do all the work to build a website that reviewed products. His team member wrote the reviews, posted the reviews, did the SEO, and lots of other things. To the point that the business was making over $15,000 per month within 12 months. That is replaceable if you take your time and so is so much more.
  • The biggest secret is not finding the world’s greatest people with outsourcing. The biggest trick is to find the right attitude and manage people into world class super stars through processes, structure, systems and training.

Johns Recruitment Process:

  1. Post a job at onlinejobs.ph, then seek out a lot of resumes.
  2. Contact stacks of people, up to 10 to 20 per job.
  3. Over one week interview them all through email.
  4. Ask lots of questions over and over again on email.
  5. This allows you to gauge their real skills to their said resume.
  6. It allows you to gauge attention to detail. They must be detailed!
  7. Ask things like attach a pink Pontiac Firebird to this email.
  8. Getting them to do silly task shows you they follow instruction.
  9. Check that they reply in their morning, send in the middle of their night.
  10. You need to know that they start work when they wake up.
  11. This is so you know they are responsive.
  12. Don’t talk to them on Skype until they have been with you awhile.
  13. It’s critical even when you start that you don’t offend them.
  14. Always praise before giving critique and make it positive.
  15. This is why you interview on email, even great candidates will avoid Skype.
  16. Do this with as many people as you can until you feel you find a match
  17. Remember your not seeking excellence your seeking attitude
  18. Then you will train the right attitude to excellence.
  19. Perhaps most important just get started with a person
  20. Always start by outsourcing one task at a time.

Training Outsource Staff:

A few things to consider before we start on key training bullets:
  1. This is the primary critical aspect of making outsourcing work.
  2. Other than with: Designers, WordPress Experts, Developers.
  3. You can help those skills in people develop but should seek experts.
  4. Also never bother training English, you hire because they have English.
  • Okay so first things first you need to lay out the process in very simple step by step English
  • Then find the easiest task you have at first and get them to do it.
  • They will likely still make a mistake but that’s fine, you will use this to give feedback
  • CRITICAL: If you learn this you will make outsourcing work eventually:

DO NOT scold your outsource workers, never yell at them, never write emails that have hurtful statements in them, and never blame everything on them. ALWAYS start off your communication with praise, even when the screwed it up! This may be hard at first but its for YOUR benefit.

Once you have praised them then seek to lightly explain a few MINOR things that you would like them to work on. Even if they are major, then proceed to very clearly provide feedback on the errors. Use screen captures, screen casts with video, then provide examples of work done correctly.

ALWAYS finish again with praise!

This will keep your workers feeling motivated and open to learning. Once they shut down they may well shut down from becoming super stars on your team forever.

Then once you have done that, ask them to please have another crack at the task. Then repeat unit they get a satisfactory job done. I suggest not having them do the same job more than three times. As they will start to feel inadequate. Move them on to a task that is slightly harder and inform them that because they developed their skills so well on the last job you are upgrading them to more important, yet more difficult work.

Then repeat the process again. If you do this right by the end of 12 months; you will have a highly effective team member that will be able to assist you to improve your other members as well. Build leadership into them as well after the first three to six months.

When the do something that surprises you which is stella work and provides ROI, reward them with a cash bonus and extra praise.

It’s different to the West but so wort it. Once you have them trained you will have an army of loyal workers that enable you to have free time and to take on any project you desire.
Independence in 90 Days:
John doesn’t teach people business models as he believes it’s something that should be self discovered; however he did give dome ideas and advice.

John cautions to begin your business with your lifestyle in mind. He said try to design a business that doesn’t need you for the long term.

That is the way to get to freedom, because you can get someone else to do it.

He mentioned that from observation the following things are working now:

  1. Business selling on Amazon
  2. Local internet marketing consulting businesses.
  3. Start a blog
  4. Start a podcast
More Advice:
  • To be location independent you almost need be an internet business, there are few exceptions.
  • Which means it is a technical business, so it’s hard to separate the technical aspects of your business.
  • Therefore it’s important to gain general knowledge on how WordPress works.
  • Learn basically how HTML works, learn a little about design and development.
  • Understand sales copy, understand what an offer is and how to create one.

Recommended Resources:

  • OnlineJobs.Ph – This is John’s recruitment website. It’s the biggest and the best now.
  • Skype – This is for instant messaging with your team and occasionally calls if critical.
  • ReplaceMyself.com – This is John’s recruitment and outsourcing course. It includes training for your team members.
  • TrackLabor.com – Tracking system that your team members install on their computer and it records to the second what your team are doing on their computer. It doesn’t do screen shots though.
  • TimeProof – Available on OnlineJobs.Ph This is a free service that your employees install on their computer and it records their time. You know exactly what they worked on because it records what they worked on and the time they spent.

Amazing Business Insight:

  • Over time by putting in the right effort with your outsource team, there is almost no single task they can’t handle for you. This is the only path to real business freedom.
  • Go hire someone now.
  • “Screw the people that are advising your against starting a business and do it anyway” – John Jonas! (I love that quote)!

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