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AF226: How To Stop Chasing Shiny Little Objects with Paul Colaianni, Part-1


How To Stop Chasing Shiny Little Objects with Paul Colaianni – Part 1

Today’s guest Paul Colaianni of The Overwhelmed Brain helps people develop and honor their boundaries guiding them to build their emotional core.

Paul has discovered that when people’s emotional cores are strong the rest of their lives simple fall right into place. Paul is one of the only Emotional Core Strength Training Coaches in the world.

This is a very interesting area to learn about and while it may sound airy fairy; there is a great deal of power to getting this stuff right before you embark on any kind of major feat such as building a business because it will give you the resilience to power through any difficulties you may encounter.

Book Chapter:

Stop Chasing Shinny Metal Objects

Core Message:

Double down on one core thing that you know means something to you. Avoid the shinny metal objects and get serious about one important area that you feel will be enjoyable and then it’s only time until you reach success.

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