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AF020: How To Outsource Cold Calling for Lead Generation with Greg Gibas, Part-1


How To Outsource Cold Calling for Lead Generation with Greg Gibas, Part-1

In this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast you’ll learn how to use phone sales to turbo charge your business growth.

Greg Gibas from Office Goblins shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about phone based lead generation, internet marketing and running a business in South East Asia.

Greg Gibas is the star of Office Goblins. He’s a skilled Outsourcer, Sales Trainer and Lead Generation Marketer. Your in for a treat as Greg is about to share all that experience with you now.


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Made Up Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • How To Make Your Technology Work For You.

Message Of The Chapter:

  • Don’t be ignorant of the technologies around you. While you can outsource almost anything. It’s critical that you learn at least the basics of WordPress, Photo Shop, HTML, Computer Skills and really a basic understanding of all the technology used in an online business.
  • Some tips: When your learning to use technology try to understand why you click in certain places, and do certain things. Not just where to click and how to use it. But the why’s in terms of why it’s done that way. That’s how in time you’ll be able to open almost any software program and use it. Then also be able to outsource things without getting ripped off or taken for a ride, you’ll also be able to instruct them to a degree and have a good idea how long things take.

Impact From 4 Hour Work Week:

  • Creating your business so that it doesn’t need you to operate. You really want to setup you business form the start so that it doesn’t need you in the processes to run efficiently.

Recommended Books:

  • Web Copy that Sells by Maria Veloso – Will help you get a nice sales letter done to get you started.
  • Exceptional Selling by Jeff Thull – Recommended by Chief Marketing Officer of Toyota. This book takes you through the B2B sales process, how to get into companies, get a meeting, deliver a pitch and provide a proposal that they won’t reject.

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • You really need to just keep pushing forward and accept that a lot of people might not support you. However you can be absolutely certain that once your making more money than they do in year in a month, they will start to support you.
  • Then with overcoming difficulties with overseas entrepreneurship, don’t try to learn it all in one big swoop because its impossible; just learn as things come up. Focus on hustling and getting sales, money will solve most of your problems.

Note from Josh: Get a lawyer and an accountant and call them whenever your not sure about something. In South East Asia you’ll need both anyway if your building something with some size, you’ll need them for your work permit, you’ll need help with taxes etc. There not near as expensive as they are in the west, and they can save you heaps of headache and get you out of pickle.

Previous Ventures:

  • Greg setup a small web agency in the USA. He used the Perarna Marketing system from Joe Polish to build it. Which was putting classified ads in the newspaper, driving them to a recorded message, let the recorded message pre-screen quality prospects and educate them. Then have them leave their contact details so you can call them back and close the sale.

Current Business:

  • Office Goblins is Greg’s current business. It’s a outbound call centre that specialises in high quantity lead generation for business in the USA and English speaking countries. In many cases if the scripts and offering is designed correct, Greg’s team can even generate the sale for you. 
  • Tips: When you want to start using telemarketing get a really good understanding of what goes into a script. What works in a sales process and let the company you hire guide you, but be sure you can identify if they are way off by having a good idea of what works in sales.

Secret Totems of Online Success:

Most important element to location independent success?

  • Being able to be flexible time. Being able to do things on your own schedule.

First foundation to lay in an internet business?

  • A good offline plan for how your going to get clients.

Fastest way to build a targeted email list?

  • Cold call people and let them know your publishing a report that will help them a bunch with business problems. Then ask if you can subscribe them to your list.

Best paid online traffic strategy?

  • Google Adwords – Make sure you learn is and use it correctly.

Best offline lead generation strategy?

  • Telemarketing or a major publicity stunt if you can afford to pull one off.

Who taught you the most about business?

  • Bob Millers – Greg’s professor in Australia. His ideas about marketing of cutting through the crap, being different, being real and getting at the results was powerful fro Greg. Be real, avoid the flowery business language that people think copy should look like.

Best training program you’ve ever taken?

  • Greg’s Business Degrees but not so much because of the training but the people he met, the ideas he was exposed to and access to the awesome professors that he could talk to daily.

Recommend resources that you use every day?

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