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AF114: How To Have A Powerful Presence In Your Video Marketing with Sandra Dee Robinson, Part-1


Today’s guest Sandra Dee Robinson is a beloved daytime television actress, speaker, passionate equine owner and wildlife conservation advocate.

Sandra is also an acclaimed expert for developing true charisma on camera.

Sandra Dee’s Mission is to empower and educate people around the world to recognize the gifts that God has given them; not just personal talents but also the gift of nature, to heal and inspire, so that they may be able to powerfully create the impact in the world that they so uniquely have been called to do.

Sandra Dee Robinson is the go-to expert for brilliant people facing a big problem, getting stuck when it’s time to get in front of a camera and really connect with your audience.

If you’re planning on using video in your mix, this is going to be a great interview for you!

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • How to tap your most powerful presence.
  • How to use public speaking to get ahead.
  • How to create awesome video marketing.

Book Chapter:

Your Powerful Personal Presence.

Core Message:

It’s all about powerful personal presence.

Which means owning all the beautiful and amazing sides of yourself. However you can’t do it in full if you don’t own all your vulnerabilities, your flaws, and experiences where things haven’t gone perfectly as well.

Owning your whole self in all it’s glory and delivering that authentically on the camera, is where your greatest personal power is derived.

Magic Power’s:

Public Speaking

Once Sandra started to speak one thing lead to another and she found she was constantly booked for something.

A speech would lead to a television or radio appearance. The radio and television appearances would turn into further speaking. The further speaking would in-turn lead to more opportunities, be it commercials, infomercials, home shopping network selling and more acting work.

Sandra’s main point is that speaking lead her to lot’s of exposure and it can for you as well. Sandra say’s that the exposure from her speaking turned into more income than any other form of marketing that she invested her money and time into.

Listener Mastery:

When your doing video’s – just have fun!

When you have fun and enjoy making your video’s this comes across big time. If you’re enjoying making the video’s you will naturally pull people in.

When people say just be yourself; what they really mean is have fun with what your doing. That is the mystery meaning under be yourself. Let go of being perfect and just have fun.

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