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AF003: How To Grow A Podcast with John Lee Dumas, Part-1


How To Grow A Podcast with John Lee Dumas, Part-1

How does a starting entrepreneur crush their limiting beliefs, break down the barriers holding them back and build a successful?

Find out in this episode of The Authority Marketing Podcast as John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about entrepreneurship, podcasting and success.

John is the star of Entrepreneur on Fire the iTunes 2013 ranked number-1 podcast on Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur on Fire is a podcast that starting out entrepreneurs by providing insight into the entrepreneurial journey and inspiration to help entrepreneurs press on.


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New Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • Batching.
  • The process of compressing similar work into chosen periods of time.

Message Of The Chapter:

  • John is able to get huge amounts of work done in a single day. Where many other business owners may spread 8 business interviews over 8 weeks; doing 1 a week. John will get them all done in 1 single day.
  • Batching can be done with anything laundry, sales, prospecting, setting up marketing campaigns.

Impact of Both Books:

  • Think and Grow Rich – much of John’s idea for Entrepreneur on Fire came from Think and Grow. The premise of the book was Napoleon Hill went around interviewing the best entrepreneurs of the time and created a system by looking at what they all did that was similar to each other building their businesses. The amazing thing is that The Authority Marketing Podcast came from a very similar beginning.
  • Four Hour Work Week – inspired John by teaching him that he could have other people doing work for him that didn’t required advanced core strengths which saw him hire 13 virtual assistance in the real estate industry. He was able to do 100’s of valuations in a day while his colleagues where lucky to get only 2 done. This put him way out in front of the pack and set the ground work for leveraging other people’s time.
  • The Slight Edge and The Compound Effect – These are the two additional books that John recommends everyone read. The message is that doing the right things every day are compounding over time. In the beginning we can’t see the results but they are compounding and the tipping point eventually comes where everything turns into massive success.

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • The impostor syndrome – John talks about the voice we hear in our heads that tells us we’re not good enough to accomplish our dreams, our goals, our objectives.
  • His answer to overcoming difficulty is: The message is embrace the voice that is telling you that it’s to hard because all the things that your voice is telling you are to hard; is happening to everyone else as well. Therefore if you persist then your in the small few because most other will drop off; this is what’s keeping other people from clogging up the freeway. So embrace the voice, embrace the complex and push forward.

Previous Ventures:

  • John went from being in the army to attempting to become a lawyer but on the first day realized he hated it. So he left law school and got into corporate finance and real estate. He made very good money in real estate but he still didn’t feel fulfilled.

Current Business:
Entrepreneur on Fire:

  • John’s mission to inspire millions.
  • John really listens to his audience and loves to way over deliver for them. He attributes this to his huge success.
  • John loves that he is now seeing the work he’s done leading to others creating great success stories for themselves and others.
  • The biggest area of income for John now is creating digital products and services that the audience wants.
  • In February 2014; just before my interview with John; his business made over $180,000 for the month of which over $160,000 of that was pure profit. Which is amazing! This is what’s possible from modern new media businesses.

Secret Totems of Online Success:
Most important element to location independent success?

  • A strong internet connection.

First foundation to lay in an internet business?

  • Trust, must come across as transparent trust worthy entrepreneur.

Fastest way to build a targeted email list?

  • Offer a relevant opt-in give away. Something that is huge value specifically for your Avatar.

Best paid online traffic strategy?

  • Facebook Ads, John puts a lot of money into FB Ads driving traffic to his webinar signup.

Who taught you the most about business?

  • Louise House – This is John’s Mentor

Best way to delegate?

  • Come up with schedules and regiments that your VA’s can study. Use Snagit to demo the work

Best training program you’ve ever taken?

  • Linda.com – amazing tutorials on everything

Biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs & beginner online marketers make?

  • Letting the impostor syndrome paralyse them, get a mentor

Best book you’ve ever read?

  • The Compound Effect – The small things we do every day have a huge impact down the road.

Are mentor’s important and why?

  • Avoid so many mistakes, avoid the pot holes, press that fast forward button.

Are masterminds important and why?

  • Your the average of the five people you spend the most time with. A mastermind can help you with this.

Recommend resource that you use every day?

  • Work Flowy – this is John’s cloud based to do list.
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