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AF038: How To Do Video Marketing that Works with Euvie & Mike, Part-2


How To Do Video Marketing that Works with Euvie & Mike, Part-2

How do you build relationships with experts and authors, help them market their businesses and become so good at video marketing that they seek you out?
Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Euvie & Mike from Timelapse Strategies share their journey, reveals what they’ve learned about Video Marketing, Marketing Authors and Marketing Experts.

Euvie & Mike are the stars of Timelapse Strategies. They’re skilled in location independence, traveling while building a business and marketing the businesses of experts & authors. Your in for a treat as Euvie & Mike are about to share all their experience with you now.

Independence in 90 Days:

  1. Get a handful of people on the phone that have a need ask them questions about their specific problems, pain points, business issues, etc.
  2. Specifically got to other successful business owners and ask them questions because they can afford to use the service you create on an ongoing basis.
  3. Use their answers to create a service or a product to fulfil that need or solve that problem.
  4. Then go back to them say here it is, what else would you like in it
  5. Then go ahead and start selling it.

Recommended Resources:

  • Amazon.com – Euvie and Mike were some of my biggest proponents of books. I personally have been reading business books since I was 14 years old. At first it was difficult and I needed to push myself to read them, not it’s one of my most enjoyable pass times, I read almost a book a fortnight and I attribute a huge amount of my life successes to books.

Mike and Euvie’s message start buying books today, it’s one of the best actions you can take towards achieving your vision of success. Then begin to read at a minimum a book a month. Think it you read a book a month that 12 books a year, if you do that for 10 years that’s 120 books. Read a book a week and over 10 years thats 520 books. Can you imagine how far that will put you ahead of the general population?

One other tip from Josh: Read your books with a highlighter, note pad and Evernote open on your computer. You want to highlight the inspiration points, take notes on your legal pad of things to implement now and take notes on Evernote in your computer for bigger things that you can’t implement now but would like to within the next 6 months to a couple of years.

Go stock up on the following books right now: “Think & Grow Rich, The Four Hour Work Week, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Abundance by Peter Demandis, Built to Sell, Work The System, Lead the Charge and Millionaire Messenger”

That is 8 book; then if you choose 4 more books yourself that will be 12 and you’ve got your reading set for the first year. Then in year two your going to up your reading schedule to a book as well as ideally you’ll already be location free, have more time and improved your reading skills.

If your already a big reader I’d love to hear from you below, tell me: What are your favourite books, which booked taught you the most, how many books do you read a year, what are your techniques for extracting value from books, do you have a system for implementing out of books, etc” – Please drop your comments in below…. Thanks!

  • Legal Pads

Amazing Business Insight:

  • “Reading excellent books every week allows you to get inside the minds of the worlds greatest thought leaders and experts! How much would you pay for a mentoring session with a thought leader? It’s all available right there in their books, all their wisdom and experience condensed and organised. Start reading every day today!” – Mike & Euvie

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Update from Mike and Euvie:

1. Communities for online entrepreneurs:
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Josh Denning, founder of Authority Factory, helps high-achieving business owners generate more traffic, create more authority and capture and close more clients for their business. To learn a scalable and predictable approach to growing revenue, visit: http://www.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=r8vh2pasjo

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