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AF037: How To Do Video Marketing that Works with Euvie & Mike, Part-1


How To Do Video Marketing that Works with Euvie & Mike, Part-1

How do you build relationships with experts and authors, help them market their businesses and become so good at video marketing that they seek you out?
Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Euvie & Mike from Timelapse Strategies share their journey, reveals what they’ve learned about Video Marketing, Marketing Authors and Marketing Experts.

Euvie & Mike are the stars of Timelapse Strategies. They’re skilled in location independence, traveling while building a business and marketing the businesses of experts & authors. Your in for a treat as Euvie & Mike are about to share all their experience with you now.


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Made Up Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • Hackers Culture

Message Of The Chapter:

  • Euvie and Mike mentioned that they wouldn’t add a chapter that it was a totally compete book in whole. However they did state that what they would write about would be the hackers culture. The hackers culture is all about joining a group of people that are finding ways to hack success and better lives. Then leveraging that circle to work on your own business and life hacks to make quantum leaps.

Impact From 4HWW & T&GR:

  • Euvie and Mike were impacted massively by both The Four Work Week and Think & Grow Rich.

Recommended Books:

  • Original Unedited Manuscript of Think & Grow Rich – Being a huge Think & Grow Rich fan it was amazing to me that there was an unedited manuscript that was close to double the size that includes lots of information that was not in the mass production book. It includes a lot that the general public were deemed not ready for or couldn’t handle (PERFECT) for the Tropic Syndicate. Anything the status quo goers aren’t ready for we are 🙂
  • Work the System – This book will tell you how to get your systems and procedures setup thoroughly.
  • Built to Sell – This is another book to help you learn how to get your business setup in a systematised, process driven manner. It also goes into the fact of thinking about that your business it’s self is in fact the product.
  • Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis – The future is bright, it’s not doom and gloom at all.

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • Mike and Euvie both felt that they were alone for a very long time. They were plugging away for 5 years before they met each other and soon after came to the realisation that there were lots of communities that were doing it too.
  • They both agree that they made it much harder than it needed to be because they tried to go it alone for so long, had they have gotten into communities and started asking questions, getting help, and finding mentors they could have succeeded much faster.

Previous Ventures:

  • Euvie and Mike had stacks of ventures before finding big success. They stared a metal frames company, a drummers guide, a photography company, and quite a few other things.
  • Their advice to those getting started: Do market research before you start your idea! Ask the potential buyers in that market if they would buy the thing your thinking about developing and what would they like to see in it.
  • Their takeaways: You don’t have to follow your passion – you will become passionate about your business itself once you get going that way you are more likely to succeed and gain the skills required to build businesses. Then you’ll be able to build a business around your passion with a much greater likelihood of success because you’ve learned the business fundamentals.
  • Just go for it: start reading lots of books, listen to this podcast every day, listen to another couple of podcasts that come out weekly, get into a community to mastermind with so you can ask for help, stay focused on your end objective  and the day will come before you know it when inspiration strikes and the ground work is laid to succeed.

Current Business:

  • Timelapse Strategies – Euvie and Mike’s current business creates high quality video content marketing for authors and experts. They are very good at it and suggest that it’s critical to all businesses going forward in this new connected world.

Tips on Video Marketing:

  1. Use a DSLR Photography Camera like the Cannon 70D for video that runs from a few minutes to half an hour. The Canon 70D is the Authority Marketing Podcasts choice of camera.
  2. Use a DSLR Video Camera for longer videos like when your filming seminars, longer training videos or anything that will run longer than 30 minutes. Here is an option that you might consider:
  3. The most important thing to make your video quality great is lighting. Great lighting will make a bad camera’s video look good, but a great camera with bad lightening won’t get you through.
  4. The content is first and foremost; even more important than video quality is the actual message of the video’s.
  5. If you can get the message right, the camera right, the lighting right then your way ahead of the pack with your video marketing.

Secret Totems of Online Success:
Most important element to location independent success?

  • Community – having a group of people that are ready to help you get your sim card, find a place and get setup

First foundation to lay in an internet business?

  • Reading books – don’t stop reading great books

Fastest way to build a targeted email list?

  • Find a good niche and if your do general then niche down further. Then start adding heaps of value

Best content marketing strategy?

  • Content Marketing – Namely video marketing content.

Best offline lead generation strategy?

  • Community – Get out and start talking to people in your community regularly.

Best way to delegate?

  • Build effective SOP’s – Standard Operating Procedures, write down everything step by step.

strong>Best training program you’ve ever taken?

  • Books – constantly be reading books!

Biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs & beginner online marketers make?

  • Hacking traffic before they actually have their product and business setup

Best book you’ve ever read?

  • Euvie – Abundance by Peter Demandis – The future is bright, it’s not doom and gloom at all.
  • Mike – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Are mentor’s important and why?

  • Very important – Right up there with Masterminds and books.

Are masterminds important and why?

  • Yes – CRITICAL

Habit you’ve formed that helped you succeed?

  • Learning to fail – Being comfortable with things not working out.
  • Focusing on the 80/20 rule – Do the 20% of the work that produces 80% of the results.

Best way to achieve expert market positioning?

  • Start producing content – producing it will cause you to become a topic expert through producing the content.
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