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AF026: How To Do Email Marketing with John McIntyre, Part-1


How To Do Email Marketing with John McIntyre, Part-1

Once of the most important skills in growing a location independent business is building a tribe! What’s a tribe? It’s an email list that you have a real relationship with through sharing content and advice that helps them solve problems, improve their businesses and lives!

Learn all about how it’s done in todays episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as John McIntyre the Autoresponder Guy and creator of the McMethod Email Marketers Community shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about Email Marketing, Growing A Relationship with His Subscribers and Creating Conversions with Email.

John McIntyre is the star of the Autoresponder Guy Podcast and creator of The McMethod email marketers community. He’s a skilled email marketer, online business automation pro and marketing thought leader.

This stuff is really important to building a location independent business so listen closely to John.


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New Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • You Can Have Anything You Want!

Message Of The Chapter:

  • The whole idea is that there is nothing in this life that you can’t have if you put your focus on it, then lay plans to move towards acquiring it, and keep adjusting your strategy and learning from your experiences; as long as your persist you will get everything you want….

Impact From Both Books:

  • John learned to visualize in the correct manner from Think and Grow Rich. He now uses creative visualization on a daily basis and regularly see’s the things he is visualizing come into his life now.

Note form Josh: The additional key to add to visualization is that you should after the visualization review a strategic plan that you’ve put together to go about achieving the things you want that your visualizing. Even if you can’t see how to implement your plan right away if you stick to visualizing it and reviewing eventually the mind will give you a way.

Recommended Books:

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • John had a stack of obstacles – when he moved to Asia he planned to start working for this hotel that was going to pay his food and accommodation and he was allowed to build a business on the side. Well three attempts down the track with done for you web services, a dating site and another crack at consulting, he wasn’t able to make any of it work.
  • John almost had to go home to Australia but luckily he persisted, started to study copy writing through the AWESOME program Copy Hour from the great Derek Johanson that has also been on the show.. He got good at it, started to try sell his skills got his first client, then got another one, then another one and he was on his way.
  • The lesson: many people would have given up after the second, definitely the third failure but because John kept trying he developed skills, got better and now he is slowly becoming a new guru in the email marketing and copy wrirting niche!

Previous Ventures:

  • As Above

Current Business:

  • Copywriting consulting, an Information Product Communities on Email Marketing called The McMethod and freelance copy writing for other businesses..
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