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AF100: How to Be the Best Version of Yourself with Chris Taylor, Part-2


How to Be The Happiest & Most Successful Version of (YOU) with Chris Taylor of Actionablebooks.com – Part 2

90 Days To Freedom:

  1. Start with your own interests, hobbies, passions, etc.
  2. Jump onto Twitter and start listening for common pains.
  3. What questions are coming up all the time without answers.
  4. See if you can pull together experts to answer the questions.
  5. Build different landing pages and drive traffic with AdWords.

Once you’ve seen the idea get traction through Google Adwords with a good email list having built up. Then use a webinar to offer the product for money before you actually build the product. If you get a decent amount of sales, then build the product and you’ve gotten yourself going with a very small amount of money.

When Chris is listening on Twitter or other social media sites, he is searching for a hunch, for a hypothesis to form that something may be a big hit, once that emerges then you start driving people to a squeeze page to see if people will opt-in for free. Then after that you want to see if they will give you money.

Once people will give you real money, you know you have found something!

Final Pearl of Wisdom:

One of the most powerful skill sets you can develop in the 21st century is being curious. If you becoming interested in a topic, do a deep knowledge dive into it. Because so few people are doing that, most people are staying on the surface of things. If you dive deep you join the top few percent of people that have real expert knowledge on a topic and you become an expert.

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