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AF058: How To Be A Great Content Marketer with Dan Norris, Part-2


How To Be A Great Content Marketer with Dan Norris, Part-2

Today’s guest Dan Norris is the founder of WPCurve. The leading WordPress support service for entrepreneurs!

Dan is skilled in content marketing, blogging, building teams and identifying real problems in the market then creating useful solutions to fill the needs created by the problems. Dan was awarded the prestigious blogger of the year award in Australia in 2013.

Current Business:

WPCurve. The main mission of Dan’s business is to get entrepreneurs leveraging the power of WordPress in their business.

At WPCurve they take care of all the small issues for their clients in the WordPress backend 24/7 x 365.

They take care of things like the Yoast SEO plugin setup, SEO title tags, advice on getting more conversion, advice on plugin’s to reduce SPAM and any kinds of small technical fixes.

Secret Totem’s of Location Independence:

What are your three best traffic sources?

  1. Google (Organic)
  2. Email List
  3. Facebook (Organic)

All three things for Dan fall back on the main strategy which is content marketing. The most amazing thing that Dan stated is they put no time into traditional SEO stuff, they fully focus on useful and generation information. Which he underscored with his previous web businesses that ranked at the top of page one for keywords like web design were getting one quarter of the traffic to his new business that is no were specifically to be found but still gets four times more traffic

What are three techniques to build a targeted email list?

  1. A trial of his analytics dashboard that was coming soon,
  2. Giving away actual apps, scripts, PDF’s and plugin’s,
  3. Having landing pages that are specific to the traffic source.

Dan mentioned sometimes you can get a much bigger conversion rate from offering trials on products that are coming soon because there is much less friction on something coming soon..

What advice do you have on successfully building a good team?

  1. Provide a clear path of achievement to become senior,
  2. Provide a way for them to develop and learn better skills,
  3. Ensure there is plenty of very open communication,
  4. Provide rewards for success and going the extra mile,
  5. Give your senior staff more challenging projects.

What’s the biggest mistake new online marketer’s make?

  • Solving problems that they don’t have yet.

What’s the best way to achieve market leadership positioning?

  1. Continually put out really useful great content (articles, apps, press, etc),
  2. Ensure that you’ve put real effort into branding, user experience, etc,
  3. Work hard to get as much press and exposure in media as you can.

Location Independent Strategy:

  1. Workout the amount of monthly baseline revenue you need to get by,
  2. Once you have that worked out get enough clients to cover that baseline,
  3. Ask all the people in you network if they will pay $500pm for something,
  4. Then workout what you want to do with the comfort of costs being paid.

Final pearl of knowledge:

Don’t pay attention to anything other than what your customers are doing. Launch something respectable as quickly as you can and only pay attention to the behaviour of the people paying you money.

Don’t worry to much about what other people are doing, or recommendations of what has worked several months ago, the most important thing is what people paying you money are saying and requesting.

Interview Links:

Dan Norris’s Business: WPCurve WordPress Support

Dan offered to provide feedback on your business if you email him. Please be respectful of Dan’s time if you do this, don’t like keep blasting him. Compile an email with concisely details your idea, then email him..

Dan’s email: [email protected]

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