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AF133: How Small Entrepreneurs Can Crush The Big Guys with Ted Coine, Part-2


The Death Of Large. How Small Entrepreneurs Can Crush The Big Guys with Ted Coine of SwitchAndShift.com – Part 2

Listener Mastery:

Understanding The Value Zone.

Big success in business today comes through delivering unquestionable value to your customers and delivering them outstanding experiences.

Therefore as the leader your job is to make sure that your employees and team members are tooled with everything they need to deliver the value. Moreover that your focused is to create an environment that ensues your team is unquestionably happy in their role serving your customers.

Create an awesome experience for you team and they will do the same for your customers. It’s the simple!

90 Days To Freedom:

  1. Choose the direction that you’re going to travel. Market, Customer, Mission.
  2. Take tiny survivable risks constantly. You want to take little chances daily.
  3. Fail often. But don’t take risks so big that if they don’t come of you’re done.
  4. When a market changing innovation comes along, act on it immediately.
  5. You only fail when you quit, continue to learn every day, and don’t give up.

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