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AF372: Hacking Your Highest Performance Self with Kim Ades


Hacking Your Highest Performance Self with Kim Ades of Frame of Mind Coaching

Today’s guest Kim Ades, Thought Management Expert, Author, and Personal Performance Coach. Kim specializes in coaching high-profile, highly-driven individuals who are interested in achieving extraordinary goals.

An author, speaker, entrepreneur, MBA, coach, and mother of five, Kim is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance improvement and self-development through thought management.

The depth of Kim’s passion for coaching really comes through and using me as a guinea pig, she provides a way to uncover some limiting beliefs really quickly during the interview. It’s interesting stuff..

Book Chapter:

What The Heck Are You Thinking?

Core Message:

The Way You Think Has A Greater Impact On Your Results Than Any Other Factor.

You need to spend some time thinking about your thoughts. Become aware that your thoughts are likely very closely matched up to the results that you’re getting. The birth of everything starts with your thoughts. So, watch them closely.

Magic Power’s:

  1. Very Strong Intuitive Skills.
  2. An Outstanding Process.

Creating great processes for both life tasks and business activities will allow you to creates tremendous freedom.

Here’s the reason: when you have fantastic processes, you can leave your business to have a holiday for a month and come back to a bigger, stronger business. When you can do that. Then you know you have great process.

Listener Mastery:

High Performance.

The first thing is increased self awareness. Many people walk around in a fog because they go from doing, to doing, to doing. It’s really important that you stop to take notice and take account of where you are and ask yourself if you’re exactly where you want to be. If you discover you’re not, then start to figure out where you do want to be, and start taking little actions each day to get yourself back onto the track you want to be on.

90 Days To Freedom:

Kim recommended that you run 5 or 10 pilot programs.

  1. Ask a few entrepreneurs to partner with you to test pilot programs.
  2. Find at least 3 people to run these pilot programs.

You want to find people that have the resources to get some customers through your product funnels quickly to test your ideas. Partners that can get you 4 to 5 immediate conversions so you can test to see what real buyers think of the experience you’ve created. Then which ever pilot gets the best feedback becomes your move forward business.

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