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AF349: Growth Hackers Guide to The Galaxy – Mark Hayes & Jeff Goldenberg, Part-1

Mark Hayes & Jeff Goldenberg 1

Today we have two experts on the interview:

Jeff Goldenberg is a serial entrepreneur who has previously launched a number of startups in different industries. These include SchoolSupplies.com, Top Chef University as well a couple of brand extensions in the entertainment space: World Series of Poker and PokerStars. In addition to running his companies, he is also a part-time professor at Seneca College where he teaches entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Mark Hayes is the founder of full-service digital marketing agency, Tiger Tiger. Previously, Mark founded one of the world’s first growth hacking agencies and has been mentioned in Wired UK, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Having worked client-side prior to starting Tiger Tiger, Mark knows how easy it is to go through a marketing budget without seeing many tangible results. Being a marketer with a nack for the technical, he came across growth hacking years ago and was blown away by the results it helped to achieve. He has since fully embraced growth hacking strategies and advocates the use of these for his clients.

Book Chapter:

Growth Hackers Guide To The Galaxy

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