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AF323: Growing Sites to 150,000 Visits A Month with Mr Kirkland, Part-1


Growing Sites to 150,000 Visits A Month with Mr Kirkland, Part-1

Today’s guest Chris Kirkland, preferable referred to as Mr. Kirkland for fun is a serial entrepreneur with legendary skills.

Based in Japan to continue his frequent traveling while building businesses for almost a decade; he “like me” discovered a couple of years back there was now a name for what he was “a professional location independent entrepreneur”..

Chris has many businesses on the go from SaaS businesses for artists, to mega content sites for living in Tokyo on the cheap, to game creation to app development to blogging about being a Hobo CEO; my friend Mr. Kirkland is certainly a native in the entrepreneurial and digital business space.

If you’ve ever wanted to have multiple successful projects on the go; or would like to own a content sites that do 150,000+ unique monthly visits then my buddy Mr. Kirkland will deliver you the goods.

Book Chapter:

Chapter 1: Making Millions with Kittens

Chapter 2: Know Thyself

Core Message:

Making millions with kittens, first in business you want to make sure you’re having a lot of fun with it because you’ll enjoy what your doing and also because pictures like kittens create traffic, likes, shares and engagement.

Know thyself, many people get distracted by the numbers and of course you want to make money but it’s important to go beyond just the numbers for example how much happiness is your business creating for you and others. Why are you doing what you’re doing? it is for creative freedom, the freedom for travel, the love of business, what is it for you?

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