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AF064: Growing Online Traffic with Allen Jordan, Part-2


Growing Online Traffic with Allen Jordan, Part-2

Todays guest Allen Jordan is the founder of Farpoint Alliance. He’s been an Internet Entrepreneur for over 20 years and has a wealth of information in the area of agency digital marketing.

Secret Totem’s of Location Independence:

  • What are your three best traffic sources?

Search Engines
Search Engines
Social Media

  • What are three techniques to build a targeted email list?

Give away great value

  • What advice do you have on successfully building a good team?

It takes time. Be willing to spend the time to find the right people and train them.

  • What’s the biggest mistake new online marketer’s make?

Using other sites like Facebook as their business site. Not creating their own real site.

  • What’s the best way to achieve market leadership positioning?

Be consistent with your marketing strategy. Have a plan and follow it.

Location Independent Strategy:

  1. Setup a website
  2. Gear it to sell your product
  3. Add a buy button
  4. Start driving traffic
  5. Refine and get sales

Final pearl of knowledge:

Look back to history and identify what’s worked exceptionally well. Then re-engineer that to meet modern requirements of your market!

Interview Links:

Allen’s Digital Agency: Farpoint Alliance

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