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AF072: Growing a Web Design Agency with Chris Martinez, Part-2


Growing a Web Design Agency with Chris Martinez, Part-2

Secret Totem’s of Location Independence:

What are your three best traffic sources?

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Facebook PPC
  3. Organic SEO

What are three techniques to build a targeted email list?

  1. Scraping a list (Chris mentioned this is Ninja).
  2. Load scraped emails into Facebook to target them.
  3. List swapping or list sharing (JV to co-promote).
  4. Make sure that you have a clear irresistible offer.
  5. Have several sections on the home page to grab leads.

Location Independent Strategy:

  1. Find a strong need in the market place.
  2. Identify the market and get very specific.
  3. Pen down an avatar in razor detail.
  4. Work out a powerful Unique Selling Proposition.
  5. Create a website and get business cards.
  6. Get some clients under your belt.
  7. Find a mentor that can guide you through the bumps.
  8. Implement fast, improve fast, and use failures to learn.
  9. Systematise your business, put everything in manuals.
  10. Now market like crazy, get yourself seen everywhere.
  11. Focus on selling. You want to sell like crazy!
  12. Join referral groups


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