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AF071: Growing a Web Design Agency with Chris Martinez, Part-1


Growing a Web Design Agency with Chris Martinez, Part-1

Chris’s definition of a USP:

  • What problem do you solve?
  • How can you solve it fast?
  • Why are you better than your competition?

Initial clients:

  • Get anyone under your belt to start (no one wants to be a test case).
  • Work for free to start to get testimonials and experience.

Business Tip:

Don’t be afraid to pivot and change your business strategy. As you start bringing clients on board you will identify that they want things that maybe different to what you first planned out. As you discover market needs be willing to shift providing it is inline with the core business.

Final pearl of knowledge:

As an entrepreneur you will be stressed out of your mind at times. In the start you may think why did I do this? You will think you can make more money working for others which maybe true in the start. If you focus, and make it work everyone in your life will have tremendous benefit.. Dig deep and keep going, eventually you will be so happy that you did!

Interview Links:

Chris’s Business: WebsiteIn5Days.com

Chris’s Book: It’s not just a website

Referral Group One: Leads

Referral Group Two: BNI

Referral Group Three:

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