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AF329: Facing your dragons to find your truth with Brad Axelrad, Part-1


Facing your dragons to find your truth with Brad Axelrad, Part-1

Today’s guest Brad Axelrad since he was a young man, faced fear head on. A natural-born leader and rebel, he always followed his heart.

He believes deeply that each and every one of us has a unique genius, voice and passion, and when we face our fears and tap into that voice, the sky’s the limit.

Knowing from his own life experience, facing your own brilliance head on and being frightened by how powerful we truly are, we can freeze up and not go after our dreams.

He firmly believes there is no worse a life lived than one where we die with our voice still in us.

In This Episode:

  1. Overcoming the dragon of the imposter or the fraud.
  2. Overcoming the dragon of I won’t have enough clients.
  3. Overcoming the dragon of not charging what your worth.
  4. Overcoming the dragon of your tribe won’t understand you.
  5. Overcoming the dragon of being criticised once successful.
  6. The journey through the fear to the success on the other side.
  7. How you can understand fear and why it’s your ally.
  8. Taking the next steps to your higher purpose.
  9. Brad’s story and how he learned to overcome his dragons.
  10. A few short exercises to get you started from your own home.
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