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AF006: Entrepreneurs Living on Purpose with Cory Boatright, Part-2


Entrepreneurs living on purpose with Cory Boatright, Part-2

How does a starting entrepreneur crush their limiting beliefs, break down the barriers holding them back and build a location independent business that sets them free?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Cory Boatright from Coryboatright.com shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about mindset, online marketing and investing.

Cory is a serial entrepreneur but even more so a passionate motivator and caring mentor to many of the best. He’s a skilled real estate investor, information marketer, traditional business operator, expert in mind dynamics and an incredible internet marketer.

With all that said on top of all that Cory is just a wonderful person as I think you’ll quickly realise listening to this interview.

This is part-2 of a (2) part episode!

Cory gave and delivered so much that we ended up going for more than 2 hours, therefore to help you consume this I’ve cut the episode into two chunks for you.. Enjoy!


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Secret Totems of Online Success:

Most important element to location independent success?

  • Make sure the business your involved with is one that allows travel. Ideally an internet business!

First foundation to lay in an internet business?

  • Marketing is 100% the first foundation. Learn marketing now!

Fastest way to build a targeted email list?

  • Ask for a survey on the biggest challenges people are facing right now. If they would like to be the first ones to get the amazing new program simply fill in the survey.

Best paid online traffic strategy?

  • Facebook – the targeting, costs and results are amazing.

Best offline lead generation strategy?

  • Post cards driving people to online webinars

Independence in 90 Days:

The Strategy: Create a T-Shirt print on demand company!

  1. Go to a website called: Teespring.com.
  2. Setup a FREE account at Teespring.
  3. Teespring allows you to create t-shirt design’s at no charge.
  4. You pay nothing until you sell at least 15 shirts which means you never use your own money.
  5. Go to a website called Teeview.phatograph.com (lists best selling designs).
  6. Go to Fiverr.com and get a model of one of the top designs done (model not a copy).
  7. Create a Teespring print on demand campaign, once you have your designs.
  8. Then go to Facebook and do some social graph searches.
  9. Work out the best interest groups to market your shirts too (Nurses, Fireman, Etc).
  10. Then use Facebook to specifically target these people to sell your shirts too.
  11. UPDATE: Do steps in reverse find the target market and model best selling designs to them.
  12. Then target groups by age (25 to 30 ; 30 to 35 ; 35 to 40, Etc).
  13. Then check which age groups get the best sales and CTR.
  14. Then start to tweak to match your campaign to that age group (even your designs maybe).
  15. Now double your budget start at say $15; once you’ve got sales at a profit scale to $30 a day
  16. Now once your going well just keep scaling up.

There are people according to Cory making over $100,000 profit a month doing this, and heaps of people making $40,000 to $50,000 per a month. This is a great idea for anyone to get started in business and location independence.

Parting Advice:

  • Remember be a servant – The people that are focused on giving, helping others and solving problems for others are the ones that not only make the most money but lead the happiest lives.

Recommended Resources:

Amazing Business Insight:

  • The world doesn’t owe you anything! As soon as you can get out of your head that the world should give you an easy road to riches and fame, the faster you can actually start going about getting them.
  • You will become the sum of the 5 to 10 people you spend the most time with. So watch carefully who your allowing into your world on a regular basis.

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