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25 Guiding Operating Principles

1. Company decisions must conform to the Strategic Objective, 25 Principles, and Working Procedure documents.

2. Our vision is to be one of the highest-quality digital marketing agencies on the globe (top-5, top-10 is fine, we don’t need to be number one for profits but we do aim to work towards number-1 for results, working environment and client retention). We do whatever it takes to make sure the quality of our product, performance and service to our clients is unmatched anywhere.

3. We operate the company via documented procedures and systems. “Any recurring problem can be solved with a system.” We must take the time to create and implement systems and procedures, but in the end, it is well worth it. Systems are our best method for delivering the same exceptional experience every single time to every single client. Our staff must know what management expects and if there is a recurring problem, a written procedure must be created to stop that problem from happening again. On the other hand, we don’t bog down the organisation with systems and procedures that target once-in-awhile problems. Sometimes we elect to not create a procedure, typically a system should only be created if the process is VIP or executed at least monthly.

4. We are not fire-killers. We are fire prevention specialists. We don’t manage problems; we work on system-improvements and system-maintenance in order to prevent problems from happening in the first place. If an issue continues to arise, edit the system to eradicate it permanently.

5. Problems are gifts that inspire us to action. A problem prompts the act of creating or improving a system or procedure. We don’t want setbacks, but when one occurs, we think, “thank you for this wake-up call,” and take system-improvement action to prevent the setback from happening again.

6. We focus on just a few manageable services. Although we watch for new opportunities, in the end we provide “just a few services implemented in superb fashion,” rather than a complex array of average-quality offerings.

7. “Get the job done.” Can the employee do his or her job, or is there always a complication of one kind or another? This ability to “get the job done quickly and accurately without excuses or complications,” is the most valuable trait an employee can possess.

8. Do it NOW. All actions build on “point-of-sale” theory. We don’t delay an action if it can be done immediately. Just like any major retail outlet, we “update CRM, KPI logs and databases at the exact time the transaction takes place.” There is no paperwork floating around the office after a physical transaction. We ask, “How can we perform the task NOW without creating lingering details that we must clean up later?”

9. We double-check everything before its release. If a penchant for double-checking is not an innate personal habit, then it must be cultivated. Double-checking is a conscious step in every task, performed either by the individual managing the task, or someone else.

10. Our environment is spotless: clean and ordered, simple, efficient, functional. No “rat’s nests” literally or figuratively

11. Employee training is structured, scheduled, and thorough. Assertive client contact is also structured, scheduled, and thorough.

12. Mastery of the English language is critical. We are aware of how we sound and what we write. We do whatever we can to improve. We are patient as a co-worker corrects us.

13. There is no such thing is a bad question; the only bad question is the one never asked that leads to a mistake, loss of a sale or loss of a client due to the lacking of information.

14. No matter what role is in the business – sales, service and customer WOW’ing is part of your job description at Authority Factory. Always make sure you take the opportunity to thank clients for their business, affirm their decision to partner with Authority Factory and make them feel great about themselves in every way you see opportunity to do so. We want customers/prospects/suppliers to leave an engagement with Authority Factory thinking “I always feel great after I deal with that company”.

15. This can’t be legislated, but we strive for a social climate that is serious and focused, yet pleasant, serene, light, friendly and fun. Authority Factory is a nice place to work.

16. We are deadline-obsessed. If someone in the organisation says they will be finished with a task or project by a certain date and time, then he or she commits to finishing by that deadline (or, if legitimate delays intrude, advises their co-worker well in advance that the deadline is impossible).

17. Always first look to the systems, however if you confront a situation with no documented system in place, make a decision, take an action and own the results.

18. We study to increase our skills. A steady diet of reading and contemplation is an important part of personal and job self-development. It is a matter of self-discipline and part of all Authority Factory team members job descriptions.

19. We avoid multi-tasking activities. When communicating with someone else, we are 100 percent present. We give full attention to the person in front of us. We focus on listening and understanding. “Mindfulness” is paying complete attention to one thing at a time.

20. We always remember when dealing with clients, prospects or suppliers that no matter how good our relationship has become or how rude a prospect/client/supplier may treat us; that we are a company providing a service to the public albeit that they are businesses. Always take the high road, keep your language clean and maintain a calm, polite and professional attitude always. If a client drops an “F” bomb don’t aim for rapport by doing the same, if a client or prospect is angry for whatever reason keep your cool or let them know you need to pass them to a manager from this point while remaining calm and professional. Never ever lose your cool or speak out of tune with anyone when representing the company. This of course may happen from time to time as no one is perfect, however whenever it does, its all our jobs to remind each other of DNA strand 20.

21. Dispute resolution, we are marketing professionals; – and marketing, while we do out best to treat it as a science; is by no means 100% formulaic. There will unfortunately be occasions where we are unable to meet client expectations. In these cases we aim to do everything in our power to rectify the situation and wow the client, this may mean an upgrade free of charge, it may mean talking to the client for an hour and staying calm while they vent; then walking them through the plan of action when they’re done venting. In serious cases it will mean escalating to management. Whatever happens never lose your cool with a client, hear them out without interrupting them, restate everything they’ve said once they finish venting, ensure they acknowledge you’ve heard them correctly. Then if you think of a suitable solution, ask them if it’s sufficient, if they agree it is; get it done on the spot. If your out of depth, let the client know its very important to you that the situation is rectified and you will get management involved and make sure they get the very best solution possible. Whenever their is a dispute, always document everything in the CRM right away and immediately after that ensure management is alerted to the situation in all cases.

22. The CEO/General Manager oversees department heads and systems. It is the CEO/GM’s job to direct, coordinate, and monitor the entire operation.

23. We maintain equipment and keep it 100 percent functional at all times. If something is not working as it should, fix it now—fix it now even if it’s not necessary to fix it now. It’s a matter of good housekeeping and of maintaining good habits. This is just the way we do things.

24. We have an absolute zero tolerance policy for racial slander of any kind, talking behind the backs of colleagues, gossiping, team sabotage, rudeness or passive hostility that is either communicated verbally, with body language, direct manors or indirect manners. Any person found to be conducting themselves with these behaviours will face potential immediate dismissal. If there is an issue with a policy, a team member, a process or any other aspect of the operation request a meeting with the appropriate team members to discuss the situation so actions can be taken to rectify or resolve the situation quickly.

25. Authority factory team members uphold a polite, courteous nature with each other, the community, clients and even fellow competitors. Authority Factory personal are success minded, quick to lend a helping hand to all departments and take the path of serving the team above serving themselves, there is no such saying as that’s not my role at Authority Factory.