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AF259: Crowd Funding Your Book Launch on Publishizer with Guy Vincent, Part-1


Crowd Funding Your Book Launch on Publishizer with Guy Vincent 

Today’s guest Guy Vincent is the founder of Publishizer. A book launching platform for independent authors to crowd fund and launch their books. I’ve had a very good look at the platform and will be running my first major book launch on the platform.

This is an excellent interview if you have ever considered writing and publishing a book. Imagine being able to get all your marketing and publishing money before actually writing the book. This essentially allows you to test your idea before actually go live.

Here is a little more about it How Publishizer works:

1. WRITE YOUR PROPOSAL: Publishizer guides you step-by-step through writing your proposal after you sign up. Keep it short and sweet, 1000 words minimum.

2. LAUNCH YOUR CAMPAIGN: If you hit your preorders goal, you receive full preorder funds minus fees. If unsuccessful, all preorders are refunded in full.

3. PUBLISH WITH TOTAL FREEDOM: You have total freedom to self-publish or get a publishing deal. Ebooks and print-on-demand are the most popular ways to publish.

In this episode Guy talks about how to launch a book on the platform that will be a big success, the story of the platform and a lot more about the power getting your book done.

Book Chapter:

Authority Marketing

Core Message:

That you need to build a platform for yourself online with your blog, social media and videos. Then you start speaking at events and doing coaching programs; what happens is you end up with an authority brand that will continually support you.

A big part of fuelling your platform and giving it a big post is doing your physical book launch the right way. Your book can then become a course, a talk, a training program and a range of other repurposed content pieces.

In This Episode:

  1. The power of Authority Marketing.
  2. What Publishizer is and what it can do.
  3. The process of Publishizing your book.
  4. From crowd fund, to launch to speaker.
  5. How much funding your can get and how.
  6. Access you get from the platform.
  7. Resources Publishizer can get for you.
  8. Where to after your Publishizer launch.
  9. What went into the most successful launch.
  10. The first inside reveal of my book on the way.
  11. Much, much more. Very valuable interview.

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