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AF093: Creating Your Vision For The Perfect Future & Making It Happen with Tina Dietz, Part-1

Tina Dietz, Part-1

Creating Your Vision For The Perfect Future & Making It Happen with Tina Dietz – Part 1

Today’s guest Tina Dietz is the founder of Startsomethingcreativebizsolutions.com. She is an international speaker and business coach on a mission to ignite 10,000 businesses. She has what she calls an oasis based business that allows her to live anywhere in the world.

Tina is a fourth generation therapist and unleashes awesomeness wherever she goes. Tina has been featured in multiple media’s and has helped thousands of people live their dreams.

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • Creating your perfect future with the vision horizon.
  • Creating the plans to make it happen with the action horizon.
  • Brain sciences and how to get your brain creating your ideal future on autopilot.

Book Chapter:

Tina gave us three chapters as she said one wasn’t enough 🙂

  1. This Is Where To Begin.
  2. Conquer Your Calendar.
  3. Designing Your Future.

Core Message:

This Is Where To Begin – Choose powerfully the place you want to begin in your business. Create a really solid foundation, that you can then grow sustainable. This is also about working out a powerful reason for why your doing what your doing and getting deep into the purpose for doing it. This will ensure that you keep going when things get a little bit tough.

Conquer Your Calendar – This is about understanding that getting a lot done is not so much what’s on your calendar but more so what’s in your head. Once you can sort out your own thoughts to get yourself into continuous ongoing action. You will be set.

Design Your Future – This is about really spending some time to work out exactly what your future looks like. You want to do plenty of vision work, thinking, and contemplation to design a future you truly believe in.

Magic Power’s:

Active Listening

Being truly listened too is something that most humans are starved for and even coaches and therapists often don’t do it well. So Tina makes sure to really deeply listen to her clients.


Tina say’s she is very quick to come up with ideas to grow her business and move her company forward.

Listener Mastery:

Taking your vision and turning it into a strategy that bridges the gap between that future and where you are right now.

Entrepreneurs need a strategy document that is a few pages long that guides them on a daily basis. You want to create what Tina calls a vision horizon and an action horizon.

The vision horizon starts at the end. Tina recommends going forward 5 years from now and working backwards. What does your life and business look like in 5 years, 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month.

Then you create an action horizon which becomes your plan to achieve the vision horizon. You set your action plan up with the things to achieve over the next month, 3 months and 6 months.

These are living breathing documents that need to be worked on and off all the time. Working off them means using them to set your days up and working on them means adjusting your plans as you get results and learn what works.

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