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AF051: Creating A Lifestyle You Love with Minesh Bhindi, Part-1


Creating A Lifestyle You Love with Minesh Bhindi, Part-1

Todays guest Minesh Bhindi is the founder of the Gold for Life Community. He is a sophisticated investor, online marketer and specifically now trains people to grow wealth through trading gold and silver.

Some of the show highlights:

  • How to create a life you will actually love.
  • How to put the power of your mind to work.
    • How to get a 92% success rate investing.

    Book Chapter:

    Play the Game to Change the

  •  Game!

Core Message:

The rules of the world around you are set. There is laws of nature at work all the time. People will often read a business book or take a course and then wait for the world around them to change. It doesn’t work like that. You need to assess the laws of the industry or market you want to dominate. Then use the information you’ve gained to leverage the rules that are already there to your advantage. This is the fastest way to lasting success.

Lessons from Think & Grow Rich:

The two main things are: 1. your imagination has massive power. 2. the power of definite purpose.

Putting your mental faculty of imagination to work on a definite purpose, your success is almost certain! Meaning if you can get very honest with your truly deepest desires. Then decide that nothing is going to stop you from getting there, that you truly, truly want it at a very deep level. The drive created will be so strong that barriers will be blasted down. Then combine that with daily imagination of what your life looks like when you have achieved the outcome. You become a powerful train moving towards your objective.. You can not be stopped.

Note from Josh: I personally believe when you get into a state as Minesh and I discussed as above. That you call upon divine assistance and things come to you on almost auto pilot to accomplish your vision. The caveat to that is the purpose my come from totally honest desire and the decision to achieve it must be absolute resolve.

Recommended Books:

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill – Minesh says in his opinion “this book is more powerful than Think & Grow Rich”.

Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

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